About the ingredients of Vape E-Liquid

With the increasing popularity of Vape, people pay more and more attention to the health problems it brings. Friends who are familiar with Vape know that the main ingredients of e-liquid are nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor, water, etc., so are these ingredients harmful? Today Tobago will take everyone to learn more about it.

Let’s talk about nicotine first

This is something that makes people feel harmful when mentioned. In fact, nicotine is not just a single dimension, many people do not understand more of its aspects. I only think that nicotine is highly toxic, highly permeable, and addictive. In fact, it is universal. Various eggplant plants, such as peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, etc., contain a certain amount of nicotine, and tobacco leaves are just one of them. Grow plants.
In addition, the harm of simple trace nicotine is very limited. With the amount of smoking of most smokers, the harm to the body of nicotine intake is not higher than that of drinking coffee, unless it is a few cigarettes at a time. The Vape’s e-liquid concentration can be selected by the user, ranging from 1.5mg/ml (1/8 of the nicotine concentration of a cigarette) to 36mg/ml (3 times the concentration of a cigarette). As long as the Vape electronic atomizer core works normally, the user can smoke continuously, but the nicotine content ingested at this time is higher than that of traditional cigarettes. Therefore, for people with low self-control, using Vape is likely to increase personal smoking cravings.

Secondly, talk about propylene glycol!

Propylene glycol is used as a flavor dissolving agent in e-liquid. If glycerin is too viscous, it will make it difficult to dissolve the flavor, and propylene glycol is the dissolving medium. However, it should be noted that inhaling large amounts of propylene glycol can cause irritation to the respiratory tract (a bit like the throat sensation of nicotine). As a liquid, propylene glycol can volatilize with the respiratory system. As for the long-term effects of intermittent stimulation and then volatilization, there is still no conclusion in the medical field.

Third, talk about glycerin.

Glycerin is very common in life. From the oil that separates from the meat during cooking, to cosmetic creams to edible glycerin for temporary energy supplements, sweetness can be seen almost everywhere in life. However, the entry threshold of the Vape smoke oil factory is too low timesvape, resulting in uneven quality of glycerin used. Therefore, when the impurities contained in glycerin are high, these impurities either accumulate on the heating wire and form deposits, or enter the lungs with steam. After entering the lungs, it is likely to cause irritation to the bronchial mucosa, and even stay in the bronchial mucosa. Many people feel itchy throat after using Vape.
But if the purity of glycerin itself is high enough, it will basically not produce adverse reactions to a healthy human body. It should be noted that after a large amount of glycerin enters the human body, the human blood sugar may increase, so it is best not to use Vape for people with high blood sugar and diabetes! In addition, when choosing glycerin, try to choose better quality.

Finally, let’s talk about flavors.

There may be as many as hundreds of flavor components involved in each e-liquid, which includes both plant-derived flavors and industrial synthetic flavors. Let me talk about the possible harm of plant-based flavors. The biggest risk of plant extracts as Vape oil flavor lies in carbon fiber particles. While all plant extracts contain carbon fiber particles, it is currently only possible to reduce the content of carbon fiber particles and it is impossible to completely eliminate them. It should be pointed out that the carbon particles in cigarettes are much higher than the content of Vape.

The potential risk of chemical synthetic fragrance lies in the uncertainty of its use and proportioning. Organic chemistry is not as highly accurate as inorganic chemistry. Organic chemistry has countless possibilities of combination in the reaction process. No one knows whether a certain synthetic flavor will react with another flavor to produce unknown substances, and whether this unknown substance will decompose to produce other unknown substances or harmful substances under heating conditions. This is the fundamental reason why various toxic substances can also be detected in Vape’s smoke.

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