Asmodus Minikin V2 under test-powerful features and touch screen

After the great success of Minikin V1, steam product manufacturer Asmodus is now bringing the second member of this still manageable family to the market.

With improved performance, longer battery life, and huge touch screen displays, the company’s latest products have attracted attention.

Although performance and ease of use have been improved, the boxed mod still runs in dual 18650 format.

In addition to the standard accessories that you need at the beginning, you only need two batteries of this type.

In the following, we will carefully study the completely revised product and provide you with advantages and disadvantages in the process.

What parts does the scope of supply include?
Asodus Minikin V2 kit

Asmodus Minikin V2 180W module
USB charging cable
Operation Manual
Guarantee certificate
For users who are not familiar with the vaping article, we want to reveal one thing: the battery required to deliver the mod is not included in the scope of supply!

Storage tanks or atomizers must also be purchased separately.

What features do I look forward to in Minikin V2?
Large touch screen-here, we introduce one of the flagship products of this product. At first glance, you can see that the battery module has only one button to start the device. You can control everything else through the spacious touch screen. This will also provide you with information about coil resistance, battery life, volts, number of puffs, temperature, or the specified power (in watts) of the device or the corresponding time period.
Precisely control wattage-with the so-called “curve function”, high wattage up to 180W can be achieved. These parameters can be changed in 1W steps-or even the maximum 100W limit in 0.1W steps-plus 5 presets.
Very high “response rate”-using the GX-180-HT chipset can achieve all setting options in a short time, which means there is no delay between setting and use. Fine-tuning during a session becomes a child’s game, and other devices usually don’t allow it at all.
Very convenient format-with the help of the cylindrical structure of Minikin V2, it is particularly easy to hold in your hand and can almost be hidden there. We believe that the size performance ratio is very good.
Custom design-nothing is more annoying than having a product owned by all your friends. The various colors that Asmodus provides to customers are unique. Customers can choose among the following palettes: black, white/black, blue, brown, chrome, gold, camouflage, pink, purple, red, rusty brown, matte silver, white, matte green and Matte red.
What are the technical data of Minikin V2?
Temperature range 100°C-300°C
Maximum performance 180 watts
Power range (TC mode) 5-120 watts
Battery double 18650
Coil resistance 0.1-2.5 ohm
Maximum output 7.5V
Display touch screen
Compatibility tanks up to 25 mm
Is Minikin V2 really eye-catching?
Asmodus Minikin V2 design

Well, the taste is always like this, although in our eyes, Asmodus has found a good balance between design and simplicity here.

Although the device will certainly not impress people, we are definitely looking for a beautiful product.

The palette is huge; it shouldn’t be difficult for anyone to find their own spectrum.

The exterior design is very “clean” and the operation is like a child.

The cylindrical shell of Minikin V2 has only one button, otherwise it can be controlled via the touch screen.

For dark colors, we noticed that fingerprints sometimes damage the original flawless appearance.

However, the biggest advantage is the unique convenience. As mentioned earlier, Minikin V2 is very suitable for every hand.

Compared with other dual 18650 battery Mods, Asmodus provides customers with the best size and can obviously declare war on highly competitive products.

How easy is Minikin V2 to use?
Assuming that you are not a complete beginner in the field of vaping, then we can assure you immediately, because the operation is a breeze.

Anyone who has used a larger battery module in their lifetime will not immediately notice any problems with bypassing Minikin V2.

However, even beginners, after a short period of familiarization, will quickly master it.

After all, there are not too many buttons to get you lost. The only button that is hard to miss is enough to activate the battery box.

You can control everything else through the large touch screen. You can unlock it by sliding your finger up and down on the display.

Note, however, that the sensitivity cannot be compared with smartphones.

However, this makes sense after all. After all, the device in your pocket should not be activated. Let’s take a look at the operation of the monitor.

After activating this function, the display will light up, which contains all the information about power, coil resistance, battery life and many other things.

The wattage must be set very individually; in the TC mode, degrees Celsius can be selected in units of 1.

In the menu, you have three more options: Res, Mode and Setup.

Res-Select the resistance of the coil and change them as needed. However, you can only make these settings in TC mode.
Modes-Like many other devices, you can switch between four preset modes, including power, temperature, TCR and TFR.
Settings-make general settings, such as the brightness of the display, delete the maximum number of moves or set certain restrictions.
How efficient and functional is Minikin V2?
In our eyes, the biggest advantage is the absolute high adaptability and rapid heating capacity of the oven.

Double 18650 technology makes this small power house possible.

The device will reach the required temperature within a few minutes, and Minikin V2 will quickly implement changes in a short time.

Despite the short response time, the battery life is surprisingly long.

Therefore, the heat and performance are very good during the meeting, but we think the display effect will be better.

You cannot compare it to the touch screen of a mobile phone.

Therefore, whether switching to the touch screen is an absolute victory here, some people question this.

Keywords: power mode. Minikin V2 is definitely a winner here. Precise heating, perfect steam, outstanding performance.

Then there is the firmware issue, which is usually ignored in many comments.

Asmodus is known for keeping its products up to date, and the provider does not ignore upgrades.

Even if there is a newer version on the market, the old version will not start immediately.

Therefore, this is also an obvious advantage for manufacturers and their leaders.

What are the main advantages of Minikin V2?
Unique and very convenient design
General 510 thread
Easy to navigate touch screen
Outstanding power mode
Firmware can be upgraded
Do I still have to worry about disadvantages?
TC mode sealed from 120 watts
The touch screen is not so responsive
Especially metallic colors will attract fingerprints
Finally consider
Although Asmodus Minikin V2 has some minor drawbacks, this device is one of the best in its class.

Despite the compact case, the battery life and performance are still excellent, so the portability of Minikin V2 is absolutely impressive.

The new touch screen at first glance and requires some manipulation, but you should master it in a few days.

The Minikin family has taken an oath for many years, and many vapers including some beginners, we think they will never be disappointed with the new version.

Although similar boxed mods and battery mods tend to be in the higher price range, additional features and optimized performance should be worth investing more in this high-quality product.

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