An Interview With Vaporshaping Australia – Learn Why Vaporizers Are Still So Popular


An Interview With Vaporshaping Australia – Learn Why Vaporizers Are Still So Popular

Vaporizer Juice Mix is operated by Vaping methods. There are three kinds of Vaporizer Juice Mix that I am going to describe in this article. This might help you a lot when you are buying or selling Vaporizer Juice Mix. So, read on and be well informed.

Vapeciga sells all the products of vaporizer. Clearomizers, RTA, RTAs, starter kits and many more. He even distributes all the popular brands of Vaporizers like Eleaf, Joyetech, Asmodus and Smok. And also it clearly tells you on their website where they receive your rebate checks.

If you’re looking for high quality Chinese electronic products at unbelievable discounts, Vapeciga can definitely deliver. They offer heavy discounts on top quality Chinese electronic products. With the economy still collapsing, we have less money to spend. Yet, we still want the best quality gadgets that will never let us down. The prices of most vaporizers are extremely competitive, but prices can get really low as described on their website, if you look hard enough.

A customer inquired me, asking why Vaporizer Juice Mix could be so cheap. He found out that Vaporizers are a niche product and Vaporizers are quite unique because they are usually customized. They are also not mass produced. So, prices for these Vaporizers are much cheaper than in general. A customer researched all kinds of Vaporizers from Samsung, to Dell, to Cool Mint, to VWribe to Kurtz Vaporub, and then compared prices against the Vaporizer Juice Mix.

After further researching, I learned that most Vaporizers are very popular with professional papers, but there are still many independent vendors selling them. It appears to me that the only way to obtain such great prices for these vaporizers is by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Since I live in Spain, I had to use an offshore company. I will list the company I used in my research, because I want to make my research as independent as possible.

Vapeciga is owned by Cool Mint. They are based in China and they are well known in the electronic industry. Many international vendors purchase directly from them. The reason why Vapeciga offers free shipping to my country is because they ship to your country free of charge, but they also ship Internationally. I was very impressed with their prices and customer support.

I was very impressed with their customer support. Once I needed some repairs on my unit, I contacted them right away. Within a matter of minutes they sent someone to my house to fix the unit. Their customer service was the best in the industry.

So we researched this on November 29, 2020, and see 1 answer. As we have mentioned before we offer free shipping in the United States and we ship Internationally. You can check out our website for more information about our company. We have been in the business for over two years, and we know how to get the best prices on the items we sell. If you have any questions, or if you would like to order something off of our website, you can do so anytime. Thanks for reading our article.

The Pros and Cons of Vaporizing

vape smoke

The Pros and Cons of Vaporizing

When you decide to go the “juice” route in your smoking endeavors, you may not have thought of Vape Smoke yet. It is a product that has only recently been introduced to the market. But, the fact that it hasn’t already been widely used may have something to do with your hesitancy to try it. After all, vaporizing tobacco and inhaling vapor doesn’t really seem all that appealing to many people. The fact that it is an herbal supplement may also be holding back your enthusiasm for vapor products.

There are a number of things to consider when looking at alternatives to cigarettes and other tobacco. In some ways, we all know what is in our favourite vapes: nicotine and various chemicals. If you take a look, you’ll notice that most of the popular e-cigs, including the Vaporfect and CoolMate, have some sort of flavouring added to them. They are usually citrus flavours, mints or even nicotinic acids. Now, if you were going to create your own liquid nicotine replacement, wouldn’t you want to make sure that what you’re ingesting is free from chemicals and carcinogens? After all, those things are known to cause cancers and are proven to be dangerous.

The makers of Vape smoke want their products to be safe, so they created a solution to give you an all natural vapour instead of smoking. This has been done by using a vapour generating system that is powered by vegetable oil. This means that you won’t inhale any chemical fumes that are normally associated with cigarettes, or any other liquid nicotine replacement. If you really want to get high, you can, but you won’t feel it with vapour. This makes Vape Smoke an excellent alternative to cigarettes.

Since Vape smoke uses vegetable oil in its production, it is completely natural. Unlike regular e-Cigs that use tobacco or other chemicals, this e Cig produces no smoke at all. When you light up an e Cigarette, you are inhaling vapor and not smoke. You won’t feel any difference in how potent the nicotine is, since it is completely vaporized, so it’s the closest thing to smoking that you will get with your favourite smoke alternative.

If you aren’t keen on using a vapour generating device, you still can enjoy Vape smoking. Simply make sure that you have the devices around you at all times so that you will have constant air flow. Most people who use Vaper are very comfortable in this way, and usually enjoy the experience. A lot of people would like to get their fix of Vaper wherever they go. Now they don’t need to worry about it!

There have been many animal studies conducted into the effects of e Cigarettes on humans. However, as of yet, no concrete findings have been released in this regard. Because of this, it’s hard to say whether or not using them will harm you more than cigarettes, or vice versa.

Some people claim that by using Vaping, you are not only avoiding the damage that tobacco smoke can cause, but you are also keeping yourself away from the other health hazards associated with tobacco use. By inhaling the vapor produced by the vaper, your lungs will be cleansed, and any toxins, chemicals, and unwanted particles will be left behind in the process. The throat may also be cleansed, as by inhaling the steam, you are removing unwanted particles that may have gotten caught in the throat passages. With this being said, it’s important to note that all of these are only assumptions, and there is no concrete evidence to prove or disprove these claims. We can only look to the studies and see what they have to say.

As mentioned earlier, Vaping will not give off any visible smoke, nor will it cause combustion. As a result, it is considered a cleaner substance than cigarette smoke, because no particles are left in the air during the actual burning process. However, this does mean that there is still some residual substance in the vapor. This substance is known as caustic soda, and it will remain in your lungs for up to five hours after the liquid has been consumed. To put it simply, Vaping is very safe, but just like all other products in our lives, it still needs to be used responsibly. Use these tips to help keep you and your lungs clean!

Where to Buy a Vaporizer at the Vape Store

A Vaporizer store is a retail outlet specialized in the sale of electronic nicotine replacement products such as cigarettes. There are even online vaporizer stores. Most Vaporizer stores sell a wide variety of vaporized electronic cigarettes. Most Vaporizer stores don’t sell directly from “Big Tobacco” corporations.

If you go to a Vaporizer store, you’ll see dozens of glass containers filled with different kinds of nicotine, and a variety of refill kits, each containing a certain amount of nicotine. Each kit has its own specific amount of nicotine. The kits are available in all colors, shapes and sizes, and come in many different brand names, including Camelsot, Nicoli and V2. The store also sells other types of products, including throat sprays and gum.

The vaporizer produces a very small amount of smoke. In fact, it only produces about two milligrams of smoke, less than a tenth of one percent of the volume of a pack of cigarettes. So, the amount of vapor produced is insignificant. It takes about three times as long to burn a cigarette as it does to hold one in your mouth. By the time you finish smoking, you’ve inhaled over a hundred times more smoke than you did when you started.

Vape is becoming increasingly popular because it is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. The vast amount of toxic chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, and the environmental effects that they have, make people want a safer way to get their nicotine fix. Also, most users do not get any of the nicotine into their body; it is expelled through exhaling. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, mood swings, coughing and even insomnia.

People who use electronic cigarettes are much less likely to experience these side effects. But, users still report feeling the same way that they would if they were smoking. The vapor doesn’t give you anything physically, either. When you exhale, it just goes up and gets recycled back into the air.

You can choose between several different liquid nicotine products from the Vape store. It is best to choose liquid that suits your needs and lifestyle. There are both gums and sticks available. If you decide to use a gum, you will have to take care of that, as there are many health concerns with using them. Also, there are some serious safety concerns with using gum.

The Vape store allows you to sample many types of liquids. Some are flavored and some are not. You may like a particular flavor or not, but it is possible to get them from the store. Most electronic cigarettes come with two different levels of nicotine. You can increase the level that you want to have in your electronic Vaporizer and still be able to enjoy it.

One last thing about the vaporizers that are offered at the store. There is nothing that can beat the convenience of buying an electronic Cigarette online. The vaporizer and all other products are right at your fingertips. You will find many great things to buy from the store. It is really easy to shop for all the merchandise that you need online. It will save you so much time and energy that you may never use another online store again!

Even the vaporizers and other merchandise that they sell can be found at the Vape store. There are a lot of vaporizers to choose from. You will be sure to find the perfect one that will fit your lifestyle. There is a wide range of models available. Be sure to buy a vaporizer that fits you personally.

You can find an electronic cigarette at just about any store that you walk into. However, the best place to shop for the most products is at the Vape store. You will have access to thousands of different liquids. You will also find an endless selection of products that will keep you coming back to the site.

Now that you know where to buy a vaporizer, you can start looking today! All it takes is a few minutes of searching. You will find exactly what you want at prices you can afford. The hardest part will be choosing between all the vaporizers in front of you. Just remember, the vaporizer is a gateway to enjoying the amazing world of e-juice.

Handbags Online – Shopping Safety Tips

Imaging: While you shop online, every product you get is must not. You do not must be fight the packaging and branding confrontation. Your attention is not drawn by frivolous aspects like beautifully designed packages. Online, there is absolutely nothing to differentiate one product from another except elements and the usability for the product. So, you concentrate on those aspects that really matter.

It is often quicker to acquire something on the internet. You don’t have to go out, drive towards store, lookout for the item and vape get up on line fork out for. The item you are in search of can be found on exact as well as color excess and is delivered in order to you.

If you goal this halloween season is to a cash customer cailburn koko you will still be and buy online. Just designate your cash to save and pay for the bill immediately with this cash yard is best done. Or could certainly use a home-based service, such as paypal, to purchase online. Moment has come like using cash and can give you rewards points which add value to your moolah.

By knowing the reasons man or woman may have for shopping online, may then suit those reasons on web page operating. Play up truth of the matter that they cannot have to combat traffic purchase your from then you. You might even post your competitor’s pricing with regards to your site present to them that possess the lowest price for that goods.

Besides saving money, using coupons to buy online is a great choice. Online codes have become easily obtainable and easier still to even use. If you are not already taking regarding these coupons it’s in order to become a sensible shopper. You could be surprised what number of your favorite retailers offer online discount codes. If you don’t take benefit of these online deals you’re simply not a smart shopper.

Privacy – Unlike while confronting dressing rooms and insensitive clients, internet for an important size individual allows shopping from the privacy of your abode.

At the same time frame though it may also help to strengthen the overall quality of what’s offered. One of the warranties and guarantees offered are excellent too which minimizes smok nord risk that the person will buy something online and therefore not be happy with it. When a person does buy something they maybe signed up for email offers too. This can entice them products and are future purchases due for the additional savings that they will receive when they do thus.

Protect your information. With the epidemic of identity fraud cases growing, it is with your interest to assure your information is secure and safe. Secure servers keep info safe. Explore for icons including a gold security lock and privacy/security programs. Read them before purchase anything.

3 key tips how to quit smoking through Vaping

Giving up smoking cigarettes might appear a challenging task for lots of people, as well as for some it is also like an unattainable dream. Thankfully for cigarette smokers, there is currently a superior option out there to finally get rid of their nasty habits– e cigarettes. You might ask: do I really require to change a dependency with another one? Well, to start with, making use of an e-cigarette has actually been just recently confirmed to be no more dangerous than taking a breath fresh air, as well as, second of all, every smoker knows that quitting cold turkey is … well, not so easy.

To find out more about vaping from an ex-smokers perspective, you can check out our editor’s experience in his article “Exactly how I Quit Smoking Cigarettes and also Began Vaping”. However, if you prepare to put an end to gradually eliminating yourself, keep reading! Below they are– 3 basic however important pointers on just how to lastly quit your smoking cigarettes practice as well as start a much healthier life with vaping!

switching from vaping to smoking

3 Crucial Tips How to Stop Smoking With Vaping
1. Select the ideal e-liquid

Actually, e-liquid, e-juice or merely juice is one of the most vital part of a personal vaporizer– simply because this is the only thing you can taste as well as really feel when vaping. Many people who attempt to give up smoking cigarettes with vaping anticipate e-liquid– specifically cigarette tastes– to taste close to cigarette smoke, as well as their hopes usually get destroyed with the first vape. Although there are some juices which are stated to very closely imitate the taste of a cigarette, keep in mind that the majority of juices with the word ‘tobacco’ on the packaging are in fact made to appear like the preference of that tobacco which you place in your pipe, rolled cigarettes and also various other smoking tools, yet not cigarettes.

While cigarette e-liquid tastes are generally the preference of ex-smokers, it may be a great concept to examine out a few other, much more unique tastes. My recommendations is to access least 5 different flavors in the beginning, and also preferably from different brands/lines. By doing this, you’ll not throw out your very first e-cigarette after a couple of vapes, as well as be also able to mix your liquids a bit to achieve perhaps an also better flavor.

One more thing to bear in mind when choosing your first e-liquid is nicotine material. If you’re a smoker, getting a juice with pure nicotine in it is a reasonable decision. If you plan to remove nicotine totally, don’t stress much, since you’ll ultimately arrive, although in the beginning you might need some to far better take care of the cravings. When I changed from smoking cigarettes 30+ cigarettes a day to vaping, I attempted a juice with a nicotine material of 24 mg/ml first, as well as it was right on factor. Soon I got down to 12 mg/ml and stayed there for a while, and also now I’m preparing my very own juices or mixing 6 or 8 mg/ml fluids with the exact same flavor without nicotine to accomplish a very reduced nicotine web content.

2. Obtain a respectable vaping configuration

Let me be clear: for the most part, this is one of the most underrated action to a life without cigarette smoke. I directly recognize a lot of smokers who have actually obtained rather a wrong perception regarding e-cigarettes mostly due to inexpensive, low quality or damaged batteries, cartridges and also clearomizers, along with low-cost e-liquids with a pretty much unbearable flavor. Individuals that are brand-new to vaping typically purchase products which can be identified as “also conventional”, i.e., budget friendly as well as easy to use cig-a-likes which very closely appear like real tobacco cigarettes, along with affordable batteries with beginning clearomizers. Although these items in some cases could be an excellent and simple method to start vaping right now, oftentimes, they merely don’t provide, as well as the prospective vaper puts these items in the bin– together with rationale of becoming a vaper.

Recently, e-cigarette innovation has actually gone a long way, and also such products as powerful box mods as well as even sub-ohm clearomizers have become fairly easy to use as well as maintain– also for a full newbie. Do not be afraid of devices which look nothing like tobacco cigarettes– bear in mind, vaping is about NOT smoking! I suggest you obtaining such a mod starter set (with a mod itself and a clearomizer in it) which simply matches your style.

3. Do not feel uneasy regarding vaping

As strange as it might seem, never ever regret concerning vaping, especially in public! Actually, this is one of the major reasons why lots of new vapers return to their old routine, as well as often it happens even unconsciously. Yes, vaping could be something brand-new as well as undetected for a great deal of individuals in many parts of the globe; yes, you’re not such as the majority if you vape, and, yes, some individuals will certainly constantly have abusive or just weird view on their faces. But the factor here is certainly not to be like other individuals (cigarette smokers). The point is to quit cigarette smoking, get rid of that awful breath, improve your total health and wellness, be fit once more, as well as save some money. And that’s everything about you as well as your health, not other individuals. Take your fresh acquainted mod out in the general public, happily show it off to your close friends and colleagues, take a great vape and blow a substantial cloud of vapor on the smoke break. It might seem saying, but smoking is the past, while vaping– the future, and very soon sceptics around the globe will look at people that vape much in different ways.

If you are currently considering finally quitting smoking cigarettes with vaping, you need to recognize that absolutely nothing will work without your resolution. No matter just how smooth this shift goes, you still require to make that decision and devote to it. There will certainly still be individuals that will possibly try to lure you back right into analogs, probably, there will certainly still be food cravings for a cig while sipping on a drink in a bar. Nonetheless, you need to constantly keep in mind that changing to vaping can enhance your life in lots of elements.

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2.Daily health benefits of electronic cigarette
3.MOTI Vape Pod Open System Review

Vape why it can not replace tobacco?

Why didn’t Vape replace tobacco? Cigarettes have always been a contradiction: nicotine is addictive, but it is not prohibited by law; cigarette packs are printed with “smoking is harmful to health” and diseased organs, but the sales of tobacco have never decreased; television advertisements for tobacco are prohibited , But the brands of Huazi, Liqun, Yellow Crane Tower, and Furongwang are becoming more and more loud, and high-end cigarettes and luxury cigarettes are emerging in an endless stream. Only smokers can’t think of, no tobacco business can’t do. Nowadays, the harm of cigarettes has formed a collective consensus. , Smoking control and smoking bans have also gradually become stricter. For example, in the first good areas like Beijing, smoking Timesvape Dreamer mod is not allowed as long as there is a roof; most restaurants do not allow smoking; in film and television works, no smoking scenes, especially Zhang Yuqi The shots of cigarettes and red wine are absolutely forbidden. After all, beautiful shots will make young people rush to follow suit.

Probably because the tax revenue of tobacco companies is beyond imagination. The length of connecting the Huazi sold every year is already comparable to the total mileage of China’s high-speed rail. More importantly, tobacco is not more than drugs. The injury is not explosive, but over the years, smoking a cigarette will only reduce the life span of 5 minutes. Against such a complicated background, the way managers control tobacco can only rely on the self-control of smokers.

In all fairness, 99% of smokers are mobs. Most people look for alternatives, such as betel nut, rock candy, etc., in order to quit smoking. The end result is that cigarettes have not been quit, and they have contracted the betel nut disease, and rock sugar has created another problem. The batch of liquid is greasy and middle-aged. In addition, Vape had high hopes, not only has the potential to swallow the profits of traditional tobacco, it is more likely to help people quit cigarettes. Regrettably, a good emerging industry has once again been choked by money, quality, and humanity.

Why did Vape grow savagely in the battle of a thousand smokes?

Chinese entrepreneurs always have a kind of madness eager to squeeze out the bottle. When they encounter a good project, capital will immediately pour in, first run, and then look for a direction. It is no wonder that China has too many cases of speed defeating the model. From the earliest group purchases, known as the Thousand Regiment Wars, to shared bicycles, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colorful cars. These industries have experienced early barbaric growth, and then only one or two giants were left behind. In the same turn to Vape, they also experienced barbaric growth, with an arrogant posture, and ambitiously wanting to rip off a piece of fat from the “profit giant”. The embarrassing thing is that there may be more than 1,800 Vape companies that can’t stay at all, and smokers still love tobacco.

Overseas models are often imitated by domestic entrepreneurs. They firmly believe that all foreign models are wrong, but some are always useful. Vape also originated overseas. In fact, the penetration rate of Vape in the United States reached 31%, and the traditional tobacco company Marlboro took a stake in a new Vape company to expand its business scale and make rapid profits. The per capita annual bonus was US$1.35 million. Compared with the United States, China has a larger tobacco market. In addition, the demand for tobacco control continues to rise. Vape is logically very marketable. The assessments of the number of smokers and the frequency of repurchase are quite optimistic. Based on this, capital quickly flooded into the market, including the joining of large consortia such as Sequoia Capital.

In addition, China produces 80% of the world’s Vape and has a very mature industrial chain. After obtaining capital, entrepreneurs can easily get the “spot”. Some contract manufacturers can even provide “turnkey” solutions, which means, It is very easy to create a Adv Vape mod brand, it only needs 5 million to get it when the most popular.

Around 2019, takeaway group buying has already shown a stable oligarchic trend, and shared bicycles are also a cemetery. The smartphone industry is sluggish, making Chinese capital nowhere to go. Therefore, at this time, Vape turned out to become a popular outlet in a short time, which is reasonable. Capital can make any industry grow wildly.

It’s dying, why didn’t Vape become popular?

In all fairness, China is a pretty good entrepreneurial environment for the Vape industry, and they have indeed experienced an exciting growth period. According to incomplete statistics, the peak period of Vape brands reached 1,800, but unfortunately, these brands went bankrupt in only half a year. As mentioned above, what’s worse than takeaways and bicycles is that the Vape industry may even have one or two. The giants can’t stay, and the overall feeling is that the industry is dying.

The biggest characteristic of barbaric growth is that it develops very fast, but it is just a false fire. Not only will the business situation appear chaotic, but even the product quality standards are not clear, and supervision is very easy to lose control.

As mentioned earlier, it only takes 5 million to create a Vape brand, which is staggeringly low. Generally speaking, good brands represent good quality. For example, brands such as Zhonghua, Furongwang, and Marlboro have been refined through long-term operations, representing high-quality and high-end, but the emerging Vape brand has never experienced Strict review. Secondly, the relevant departments also do not allow Vape to advertise in mainstream media. Although it is also called a brand, it is really indistinguishable from the tobacco tycoon’s brand. With such a cheap brand, Vape operators will naturally not put quality first. In fact, the reason why Vape is placed in high hopes is that it is under the banner of “healthy”. Compared with the ashes brought by tobacco, Vape feels relatively “clean”, and second-hand smoke is not so irritating. Annoying, but due to the uneven quality level, some Vape liquids will produce new harmful chemicals, which are more harmful than tobacco. In addition, entrepreneurs have the mentality of “making quick money” and use unscrupulous marketing. The exquisite packaging attracts A large number of teenagers and ladies joined the ranks of smokers. Such a situation directly loses one’s own advantages, and it is only reasonable to go bankrupt quickly.

Why didn’t Vape replace tobacco? Whether it is Vape or a traditional cigarette company, the author believes that it should go bankrupt as soon as possible. Although there will be some losses in national taxation, it is of great significance to overall health. Moreover, cigarettes are not needed in human life. Smokers can recall that when they smoked their first cigarette, they must have been painful and dry, and they had to endure the pressure to learn. While smoking seems to relieve stress, it is actually just an illusion. Instead of enjoying the smoke of smokers, we should enjoy ourselves as “non-smokers.”

Exseed Dabcool W2 Kit Review

Dabcool W2 Kit is a electronic dabbing mechanism that comes with 1500mAh battery capacity. Featuring intelligent temperature control system, you can press to adjust temperature (450/500/600/680). There is a design to increase inhalation resistance and help the atomizer to heat up. Designed with 4 gears, it can support cut tobacco, e-liquid and tobacco paste.

Main Features:
1. Intelligent temperature control system
2. Metal and rubber body
3. 1500mAh large battery capacity
4. Supports cut tobacco, e-liquid and tobacco paste
5. Press to adjust temperature

Brand: Exseed
Product Name: Dabcool W2 Kit
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Size: 194*82*53mm
Output Temperature: 450沈/500沈/600沈/680沈
Suface Material: Metal

Package Contents:?
1* Alcohol Pad
1* Micro-USB Super Charger
1* Dab Tool
1* Glass Attachment
1* Atomizer
1* Base
1* Silicone Container
1* Carb Cap
2* Extra Bowl

Eleaf iStick Pico Review

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 TC Box Mod houses single 21700 battery, empowers you to experience a smooth vaping with strong power up to 100W and long standby time benefited from the capacity of 4000mAh as soon as you pick up it. Taking personalized preference in consideration, it is rich in 3 tyles of working modes, flexible in adjusting the power, voltage and temperature in a wide range, bound to be your new favoriate. 6 colors optional.

Quick Links: Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 100W 4000mAh TC Mod Kit

Main Features:
1. Integrated single 21700 battery with capacity of 4000mAh, available for lasting endurance
2. 3 working modes switchable, allow you to redefine the wattage, voltage and temperature according to your preference
3. Numerous protections, guarantee the safety and stability of your vaping
4. Equipped with a 0.91inch OLED screen, detailedly show you the operating data
5. Micro USB cable included, responsible for re-charging the device and upgrading the firmware


Brand: Eleaf
Model: iStick Pico
Battery: Built-in 4000mAh ( 1 x 21700 )
Output mode: VW / Bypass / TC ( Ni / Ti / SS / TCR )
Output Wattage: 1 – 100W
Output Voltage: 0.5 – 9V
Resistance Range: 0.05 – 1.5ohm ( TC mode ), 0.1 – 3.5ohm ( VW / Bypass mode)
Charging: Micro USB port
Maximum Charging Current: 2A
Screen: 0.91inch OLED display
Thread: 510
Product Size: 5.1 x 2.6 x 7.7cm
Package Size: 11 x 8 x 6cm
Product Weight: 0.165kg
Package Weight: 0.21kg

Package Contents:

1 x iStick Pico 21700, 1 x AVB 21700 Battery, 1 x QC USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

Landvape For Caliburn G Coil 0.8ohm 4Pcs/Pack

Landvape For Caliburn G Coil 0.8ohm 4Pcs/Pack

Landvape Coil 0.8ohm is specially designed for Uwell Caliburn G pod system kit. Featuring 0.8ohm mesh coil resistance, it will provide you better vaping experience.

Resistance: 0.8ohm Mesh Coil
Quantity: 4pcs/pack
Fit for:Uwell Caliburn G pod system kit

Package Contents: 
1 x Landvape Coil 0.8ohm For Caliburn G (4pcs/pack)


Ohm Vape Bape Pod 18350/18650 Kit

Ohm Vape Bape Pod 18350/18650 Kit

Ohm Vape Bape Pod Kit is a compact and portable AIO pod system device, retains a seamless look, featuring a clean and simple design. The body is made from stainless steel 316 and feels very smooth and silky. There’s very little weight to it, but due to the metal nature, it feels very durable. Bape Pod Kit consists of a transparent tank, tank base with airflow control, 18350 tube, and 18650 extension tube as a whole. At the top and bottom of the stick, you have a nicely grippy knurled section. The top one of these has your airflow slots cut into it. With a fire button and a LED light indicator on the front, users can get a visual readout of their battery level, wattage level, and safety activations. Press it 5 times to power on/off the mod. Ohm Vape Bape Pod Kit is powered by a single 18350 battery, you can also install a 18650 extension tube to be compatible with a 18650 type battery. Output based on voltage. Click the fire button rapidly 3 times to enter the power selection mode. Then click the fire button until the indicator lights flash white confirming the bypass mode is on.

The Bape Pod Kit comes with a refillable tank with a capacity of 2ml, with a 510 drip tip on the top, and a translucent design to visually check the current e-juice level. Remove the tank and fill e-juice from the bottom. The setting of the airflow is carried out through the airflow slot on the tank base. You can adjust the airflow by turning the airflow ring to open or close these airflow channels. Two kinds of coils with different resistance values ​​are included in the package, perfect for use with salt nic e-liquids.

Main Features:
1. Powered by Single 18650/18350 Battery
2. LED Indicator Light with Fire Button
3. Three power levels
4. 2mL E-juice Capacity
5. Bottom Filling System
6. Bottom Airflow Adjustable
7. Replaceable 510 Drip Tip
8. Two coil for DTL & MTL vaping

Material: Stainless Steel 316
Diameter: 22mm
Battery: Single 18350/18650 Battery (Not Included)
Charging: Micro USB
Indicator Lights: Green: 60%~100% charge (3.85V~4.20V)
Blue: 21~60% charge (3.55~3.85V)
Red: 1%~20% charge (3.30~3.55V)
Capacity: 2.0ml
Filling: Bottom Filling
Airflow: Adjustable
Drip Tip: 510 drip tip
Protections: Dry burn protection, Reverse polarity, Short circuit, Time out
Colors: Black, Brown, Matte Blue, Bright Blue, Silver, Gold

Package Contents: 
1* Bape pod kit
1* Mirco USB charger cable
1* E-juice tank
2* Coils (0.4ohm and 1.0ohm)
6* O-rings