Comment for uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Crown 4 Pod amulet

I must say that is the first test device is quite impressive Good. I was interested since the launch of its highly anticipated Caliburn KOKO deposit is a firecracker, I love … Well great innovation came over again and good to see … See Vamos

Protection performed on the PCBA chip is as follows;

· More fresh

· Short

· overvoltage

· Reverse polarity protection

· Temperature Protection


· Good design – old ergonomics

· Solid construction

· Elegant Final

· The strong battery door

· Fire Instant

· Efficiency Large Battery


· Great mod

· Base in relation to another


ConcludeYes, I know this deposit has been for a year, but the sign of a great tank that has a long life and tank the child does not have in bunches. Central release ring 3 comes with only one coil, is recommended in the 95-120 watt. There is nothing new on the roll, but the right tank job. The tank itself appeared normal, like other tanks. It comes with 5 mil glass (with a rubber stopper for TPD) and the short ends of the plastic droplets. air flow tank at the bottom of the tank, but is supplied with a design previously filled with the release button of the top hinge. You can get them in different colors, which was purple and looks great, with a little rainbow effect on the metal part of the tank. Its size is medium size wise, best mods on top, is much smaller in is not one to carry your baby version of the standard mods. So look visually like another tank, say that much, but it is very difficult to separate tanks.

The nunchaku II is available in four different colors with black, purple, red and blue with a white finish completely .. The selling model for $ 85USD and £ 78 GBP. A very good price for the quality of construction. But it can be expensive for some people if they do not after implementation

Terms of the three 18,650 that are separated from each other.

mod that can reach 5-300w TC mode and TCR VW ,. Without the protection of the MOD in this kit, add a little of any mod to keep it looking new.

The kit includes a USB charger, which is a global standard vaping.

Always in the back of the box are instructions and warranty card.

To build

First … Would I buy this mod? I do not think I would, depending on the configuration of the three batteries, just too much for me. However, based on the quality and overall performance specifications will. Vapors want good battery life, but also want the compactness as well. This keeps my mind as a dual battery? Now do not get discouraged this is my opinion, it really is an amazing mod and I can imagine the reservoir would be an excellent option to add too.

This mod is now very to have if you want to have the power in their hands. The profile of the mod is awesome and well adjusted for the selection of 3 batteries of large and well run by people like Well. Color finish metallic color and I like what I’ve seen this before in a double Wismec few moments ago.

Well you must say I’m loving their lines and equip bring great strength …

Equipment / products used

A “feature” bars tank airflow. Bit A steam production more increase and improve taste. They went through the coil when to install and easy to use. Gold are so highlights the coils of silver and views, good if you have some sort of imagination. Honestly, I found that do not add to, maybe a little? They are new to you and should not be used to always get the most from the tank. I have not used since I bought the tank, try to get the same experience you’ll never returned. The air flow in the reservoir is quite large with three air holes are at the bottom for air much more to create a big cloud. A bit of a whistle, but not as bad as some reservoirs

Therefore, the performance of the tank. As mentioned there is nothing new in these scrolls, which are under the Valyrian coils design standards, but they did fantastic in my opinion. The first thing in my experience is that the taste lasts a minimum of 2 weeks is stable. Pain is not revolutionary; that maintains the flavor to the point that the reels begin to degrade. The best comparison I can have is Cleito 120, where I found the flavors time immersed in time to the point that it becomes difficult.

The Caliburn Pods has a nice weight to mod and I must say it feels good in the hand. MOD measures 74x49x41mm, so it was not too big, but not on the small side.

The ergonomic body Valyrian have diamond-shaped with a flat front, which is where the screen and keys are. Metallic colors and has a very good finish with a metallic blue cover of a device which I thought was a nice touch in all fairness.

mod that can accommodate many size of a tank and nothing takes too much about this because they look great and really stand out too, but I did and most of the tanks tried to use within minutes, and you can get low battery. The maximum capacity of the reservoir is 26 mm, some might say too small, but the other will be to my liking, glass bubble does not stick well …

the screen is a good size and easy to read. This model is used in a VW mode, since it is almost no companion TC mode most used there when I was talking to a machine uses steam

I think that using this mod go well in the low power of 50W +. PCBA perfect reading of the chip, which is the first to use and I am very impressed with the way they see and make the battery life. There was no problem with the electronics and battery to dry evenly. The keyboard is very dense and there is no movement of anything like this. solid feel without noise. fast shutter button and it works a treat this was due to a new mod chip is intentionally produced. the answer is very fast, and I love it.

Overall, this is the type of tank you want to have if you like vaping in a higher power and not have to worry about the tank. It is very similar to the 120 for the same design of the coil 1 Cleito but I think it is a better tank. It is more refined, easier to complete, great and little or no impact on performance leak / sec from the tank. You may be able to choose for around £ 20 if you buy now and well worth the money, Valyrian who murdered many tanks before and I could not replace for a long time.

Looks- 7/10 (as most deposits)

performance 9/10

quality 8/10

Generally 10.09 (for a bobbin storage tank)

I have a small request. If you liked this review gives as if you have any comments feedback, then here to talk about the future

Uwell Crown Pod – Blue / Black

Tank – HellVape x Mike HAZES – Renaissance RTA – Black

E-liquid – Soft vaporizer Co – Berry – 70/30 3 mg

Coils – Fused Claptons – 0.19ohm

Battery – Samsung 25R 2600mAh 18650s

Two exam three days? What happened? Honestly, I have this product for a while too and simply forgotten to write a review for it. I bought a few months ago and now sits at the top of my mod, still in daily use eagle has survived considering Revvo Prince (twice) and revengeful, you know it’ll be nice. As usual, half Vaper and buy my own pocket. So without further ado, the Well uwell amulet.

So positive to the tank. right superior execution for me. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, this tank survived many others for various reasons. storage tank tasteful, steam is smooth and hard to the standard bobbins least 2 weeks. I would say better than Cleito 120 … I would say yes. Capacity of 5 thousand in the big box, need tank in ohms in my opinion. The next positive for me was the hot tank does not work when the chain vaping. Heated to the same as the others, but more than 100 W to heat the tank as others I’ve tried to do. Another big positive, which means that keeps the tank temperature drop despite the high watts.

For negative for me. drip tip is a little short. the top of the heater therefore no ability to record your lips, but could have been a little bigger. The next will stop the flow of air as mentioned above, what is the point in it? Speaking from experience since the start of his trial, I have not used since. good idea, but it really is not necessary. In addition there is nothing negative to say; Maybe it’s a bit of a magnet land but again only to see things to say. Crown 4 uwellcontinued to the point where you know it’s time for a change when dipped flavor. Longevity is about 2-3 weeks, which I personally think is very good for the roll of material. I vape without high liquid sweetener that a shorter coil to wait. steam production is solid and smooth, very smooth. Vaping liquid in this fruit, smooth and soft with no problem Fantastic. I do not think 2 months or more and 6 rolls now I hit a dry place even when there is a hope-tank is empty. You may be able to take the rap if you try, but it takes more to drain the tank do.

You can buy it here: uwell

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