How many packs of cigarettes are Relx vape pod equivalent to?

How many packs of cigarettes is a Vape pod equivalent to? In fact, I can be regarded as an old smoker, because my addiction to cigarettes is often said by my family members that I know the harm of smoking better than them. I know my throat is uncomfortable, but it’s not easy to change the habit of years. After quitting smoking several times without success, I started to try Vape in desperation. I am using RELX Vape to quit smoking. A Vape pod containing 5% in about 3 days. Excuse me, what is the level of this dosage?
How many packs of cigarettes is a Vape pod equivalent to?

First, the official data means that a Vape pod can smoke about 600 puffs, which is equivalent to three packs of cigarettes. Of course, we can’t be foolish and believe it. Although the official results are tested by machines, we are humans. Individuals are different. The machine is calculated based on one puff per second. A Vape pod can draw about 600 puffs, but each of us has different smoking habits, so there are differences.

In the past, basically one and a half packs a day, now a RELX Vape pod can be smoked for about 1-2 days, very few will be smoked for up to three days (unless I save it), if you follow the questioner’s amount of cigarettes I should be able to smoke for about 4-6 days

One Vape pod is approximately equal to 3 packs of cigarettes.

One generation 2 ml each, 3 packets per box = three packs of cigarettes

The second generation 1.6ml one piece 2 pieces per box = two and a half packs

Three generations of 1.4 ml, one box of 2 = two packs of cigarettes

From the point of view of calculation, a Vape pod 2ml cartridge is normally about 600-700 mouths, which is less than 3 packs of cigarettes converted according to the standard of 12 mouths a cigarette. The smoking frequency of one pack of cigarettes for 3 days is similar to that of one pack of cigarettes a day, and the usage range is not excessive.

3 packs of cigarettes in 3 days seem to be at normal levels. Will the nicotine content exceed?

will not.

The nicotine content of an ordinary cigarette is 1.5~3mg, one pack is about 30-60mg, three packs are close to 90-180mg; 5% Vape pod is 50mg/ml, 2ml capacity contains 100mg nicotine, which is close to the low value of cigarettes. From this perspective, Vape does not consume much nicotine. However, it should be noted that not all of the nicotine mentioned will be absorbed. It is currently estimated that only 20% of the nicotine in cigarettes will enter the human body.

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