Introduction To Vape Modding

The advent of electronic cigarettes has led to a whole community of highly engaged vaping enthusiasts, many of whom are very creative in the way you choose to select your vaping devices and accompanying equipment. At the same with any subculture, vaping has its own jargon and modes of expression, and vapers worldwide are constantly looking for ways to express their individuality through customization or customizing your vaping devices. This has led to a practice that is commonly referred to as “modding” knows, which is basically the act of modifying a vaping device to improve performance and enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Vape mod basics: Why change the device works vaping
VAPING devices may seem complicated at the beginning, but they are quite simple once you understand the basics.

E-cigarettes and vaping devices both work the same way, and are formed by two main parts:

The power unit keeps the battery
The atomizer vaporizes the e-liquid (or whatever else decides vaporizer).

All vaping devices operate in the same way. Inside the tank accommodating the liquid flavoring, it is an atomizer. Atomizers are composed of a metal coil wrapped in a material (typically cotton) wick. Cotton absorbs liquid vaping and drawn into the spiral. Once the control unit activates the coil, the coil heats and vaporizes the liquid inside.

The first E-cigarettes developed contained only a small lithium battery and not a refillable tank to release flavor (known as a cartomizer). However, as advanced e-smokers tired of continually replace their small seedy e-CIGS, some started experimenting with modifying power units of the device – that is when the term ‘mod’ was coined.

The first modification is created from things like torches of high power. These units custom atomised at a higher voltage and had a battery. Modifications allowed vapers use their devices in place of movement, without having to worry about replacing the battery or charging a female USB port or power grid.

As a result of this trend, manufacturers of electronic cigarettes began reinforcing power units of their devices, providing a safer way to vapers to enjoy strong shocks without compromising quality and battery life.

Today you can find a lot of devices Vape box mod, so it is very easy to create an e-cig experience pleasant, safe, and consistent.

Although mods Vape offers more power and functionality, the balance is in the portability department. Since they are usually larger in size, they are not as convenient for transportation when traveling. While this is not a deal-breaker for many lovers of the vaporizer mod, most users prefer to limit their devices vaping “souped-up” for personal use at home. If you decide to use your vaporizer mod at home or when you’re away from home, the good thing is that there are a lot of different styles and designs available that can give your particular mod a unique look. Breathe cigarette provides intelligent public educational information about the electronic cigarette industry. Please visit for more information and to buy electronic cigarettes, vaping, and e-hookah products including wholesale distribution.

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