Can Vaping Help Smokers Lower Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure is a common side effect of smoking. Can vaping help reduce your risk of heart disease?

Heart disease smoking

Could e-cigarette smoking instead of tobacco cigarettes help lower blood pressure and prevent a common quitting consequence, weight gain? If so, smokers could greatly reduce their risk of heart disease, especially if they switch to vaping e-cigarettes early instead of inhaling toxic tobacco smoke for decades.

A new study has focused on patients with high blood pressure who either a) smoke only cigarettes, b) only vape, or c) reduce their use of tobacco cigarettes by also vaping. The results were clear: the smokers who significantly reduced or even stopped their tobacco consumption and switched to e-cigarettes could show significant improvements in their systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

The study was published in the “International Journey of Environmental Research and Public Health” and was published by Dr. Riccardo Polosa, who works at the University of Catania in Italy. He has done other research into the effects of e-cigarettes. One finds that quitting smoking with e-cigarettes repairs harm to asthma sufferers.

Why is blood pressure important at all?

Heart disease from smoking

The most common causes of premature death among smokers are heart disease and stroke. Smokers run a double risk of dying from cardiovascular disease within the next 10 years. Smokers who start at a young age are already 5 times as likely as non-smokers to die of a heart attack. The dangerous cigarette smoke clogs the arteries and causes chronic inflammation, both of which can lead to high blood pressure. High blood pressure only increases a smoker’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, smokers who already have high blood pressure do not have much information on the long-term effects of abstinence on blood pressure. Another unpleasant side effect of quitting smoking is often weight gain. Increased weight is an independent cause of high blood pressure and heart disease, which makes analysis even more difficult.

E-cigarettes help you quit smoking

Dr. Polosa and his research team found that after quitting weight gain is significantly less in ex-smokers who now vape than in smokers who do not use e-cigarettes. “E-cigarette consumption can help high blood pressure smokers reduce or quit tobacco smoking with minimal weight gain after quitting. This hardly significant weight gain after switching to e-cigarettes certainly also plays a role in the fact that the long-term effects of smoking cessation on blood pressure are so positive. ” Polosa.

Despite some of the limitations of this study, such as test group size, no control over other lifestyle factors, and self-reported smoking habits, the study shows that vaping plays an important role in helping smokers reduce their risk of serious heart disease. “The use of e-cigarettes can help smokers with arterial high blood pressure reduce or quit smoking with little or no weight gain,” the research team said. Larger studies could be conducted to confirm these results.

About the ingredients of Vape E-Liquid

With the increasing popularity of Vape, people pay more and more attention to the health problems it brings. Friends who are familiar with Vape know that the main ingredients of e-liquid are nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, flavor, water, etc., so are these ingredients harmful? Today Tobago will take everyone to learn more about it.

Let’s talk about nicotine first

This is something that makes people feel harmful when mentioned. In fact, nicotine is not just a single dimension, many people do not understand more of its aspects. I only think that nicotine is highly toxic, highly permeable, and addictive. In fact, it is universal. Various eggplant plants, such as peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, etc., contain a certain amount of nicotine, and tobacco leaves are just one of them. Grow plants.
In addition, the harm of simple trace nicotine is very limited. With the amount of smoking of most smokers, the harm to the body of nicotine intake is not higher than that of drinking coffee, unless it is a few cigarettes at a time. The Vape’s e-liquid concentration can be selected by the user, ranging from 1.5mg/ml (1/8 of the nicotine concentration of a cigarette) to 36mg/ml (3 times the concentration of a cigarette). As long as the Vape electronic atomizer core works normally, the user can smoke continuously, but the nicotine content ingested at this time is higher than that of traditional cigarettes. Therefore, for people with low self-control, using Vape is likely to increase personal smoking cravings.

Secondly, talk about propylene glycol!

Propylene glycol is used as a flavor dissolving agent in e-liquid. If glycerin is too viscous, it will make it difficult to dissolve the flavor, and propylene glycol is the dissolving medium. However, it should be noted that inhaling large amounts of propylene glycol can cause irritation to the respiratory tract (a bit like the throat sensation of nicotine). As a liquid, propylene glycol can volatilize with the respiratory system. As for the long-term effects of intermittent stimulation and then volatilization, there is still no conclusion in the medical field.

Third, talk about glycerin.

Glycerin is very common in life. From the oil that separates from the meat during cooking, to cosmetic creams to edible glycerin for temporary energy supplements, sweetness can be seen almost everywhere in life. However, the entry threshold of the Vape smoke oil factory is too low timesvape, resulting in uneven quality of glycerin used. Therefore, when the impurities contained in glycerin are high, these impurities either accumulate on the heating wire and form deposits, or enter the lungs with steam. After entering the lungs, it is likely to cause irritation to the bronchial mucosa, and even stay in the bronchial mucosa. Many people feel itchy throat after using Vape.
But if the purity of glycerin itself is high enough, it will basically not produce adverse reactions to a healthy human body. It should be noted that after a large amount of glycerin enters the human body, the human blood sugar may increase, so it is best not to use Vape for people with high blood sugar and diabetes! In addition, when choosing glycerin, try to choose better quality.

Finally, let’s talk about flavors.

There may be as many as hundreds of flavor components involved in each e-liquid, which includes both plant-derived flavors and industrial synthetic flavors. Let me talk about the possible harm of plant-based flavors. The biggest risk of plant extracts as Vape oil flavor lies in carbon fiber particles. While all plant extracts contain carbon fiber particles, it is currently only possible to reduce the content of carbon fiber particles and it is impossible to completely eliminate them. It should be pointed out that the carbon particles in cigarettes are much higher than the content of Vape.

The potential risk of chemical synthetic fragrance lies in the uncertainty of its use and proportioning. Organic chemistry is not as highly accurate as inorganic chemistry. Organic chemistry has countless possibilities of combination in the reaction process. No one knows whether a certain synthetic flavor will react with another flavor to produce unknown substances, and whether this unknown substance will decompose to produce other unknown substances or harmful substances under heating conditions. This is the fundamental reason why various toxic substances can also be detected in Vape’s smoke.

How many packs of cigarettes are Relx vape pod equivalent to?

How many packs of cigarettes is a Vape pod equivalent to? In fact, I can be regarded as an old smoker, because my addiction to cigarettes is often said by my family members that I know the harm of smoking better than them. I know my throat is uncomfortable, but it’s not easy to change the habit of years. After quitting smoking several times without success, I started to try Vape in desperation. I am using RELX Vape to quit smoking. A Vape pod containing 5% in about 3 days. Excuse me, what is the level of this dosage?
How many packs of cigarettes is a Vape pod equivalent to?

First, the official data means that a Vape pod can smoke about 600 puffs, which is equivalent to three packs of cigarettes. Of course, we can’t be foolish and believe it. Although the official results are tested by machines, we are humans. Individuals are different. The machine is calculated based on one puff per second. A Vape pod can draw about 600 puffs, but each of us has different smoking habits, so there are differences.

In the past, basically one and a half packs a day, now a RELX Vape pod can be smoked for about 1-2 days, very few will be smoked for up to three days (unless I save it), if you follow the questioner’s amount of cigarettes I should be able to smoke for about 4-6 days

One Vape pod is approximately equal to 3 packs of cigarettes.

One generation 2 ml each, 3 packets per box = three packs of cigarettes

The second generation 1.6ml one piece 2 pieces per box = two and a half packs

Three generations of 1.4 ml, one box of 2 = two packs of cigarettes

From the point of view of calculation, a Vape pod 2ml cartridge is normally about 600-700 mouths, which is less than 3 packs of cigarettes converted according to the standard of 12 mouths a cigarette. The smoking frequency of one pack of cigarettes for 3 days is similar to that of one pack of cigarettes a day, and the usage range is not excessive.

3 packs of cigarettes in 3 days seem to be at normal levels. Will the nicotine content exceed?

will not.

The nicotine content of an ordinary cigarette is 1.5~3mg, one pack is about 30-60mg, three packs are close to 90-180mg; 5% Vape pod is 50mg/ml, 2ml capacity contains 100mg nicotine, which is close to the low value of cigarettes. From this perspective, Vape does not consume much nicotine. However, it should be noted that not all of the nicotine mentioned will be absorbed. It is currently estimated that only 20% of the nicotine in cigarettes will enter the human body.

Vape why it can not replace tobacco?

Why didn’t Vape replace tobacco? Cigarettes have always been a contradiction: nicotine is addictive, but it is not prohibited by law; cigarette packs are printed with “smoking is harmful to health” and diseased organs, but the sales of tobacco have never decreased; television advertisements for tobacco are prohibited , But the brands of Huazi, Liqun, Yellow Crane Tower, and Furongwang are becoming more and more loud, and high-end cigarettes and luxury cigarettes are emerging in an endless stream. Only smokers can’t think of, no tobacco business can’t do. Nowadays, the harm of cigarettes has formed a collective consensus. , Smoking control and smoking bans have also gradually become stricter. For example, in the first good areas like Beijing, smoking Timesvape Dreamer mod is not allowed as long as there is a roof; most restaurants do not allow smoking; in film and television works, no smoking scenes, especially Zhang Yuqi The shots of cigarettes and red wine are absolutely forbidden. After all, beautiful shots will make young people rush to follow suit.

Probably because the tax revenue of tobacco companies is beyond imagination. The length of connecting the Huazi sold every year is already comparable to the total mileage of China’s high-speed rail. More importantly, tobacco is not more than drugs. The injury is not explosive, but over the years, smoking a cigarette will only reduce the life span of 5 minutes. Against such a complicated background, the way managers control tobacco can only rely on the self-control of smokers.

In all fairness, 99% of smokers are mobs. Most people look for alternatives, such as betel nut, rock candy, etc., in order to quit smoking. The end result is that cigarettes have not been quit, and they have contracted the betel nut disease, and rock sugar has created another problem. The batch of liquid is greasy and middle-aged. In addition, Vape had high hopes, not only has the potential to swallow the profits of traditional tobacco, it is more likely to help people quit cigarettes. Regrettably, a good emerging industry has once again been choked by money, quality, and humanity.

Why did Vape grow savagely in the battle of a thousand smokes?

Chinese entrepreneurs always have a kind of madness eager to squeeze out the bottle. When they encounter a good project, capital will immediately pour in, first run, and then look for a direction. It is no wonder that China has too many cases of speed defeating the model. From the earliest group purchases, known as the Thousand Regiment Wars, to shared bicycles, there are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple colorful cars. These industries have experienced early barbaric growth, and then only one or two giants were left behind. In the same turn to Vape, they also experienced barbaric growth, with an arrogant posture, and ambitiously wanting to rip off a piece of fat from the “profit giant”. The embarrassing thing is that there may be more than 1,800 Vape companies that can’t stay at all, and smokers still love tobacco.

Overseas models are often imitated by domestic entrepreneurs. They firmly believe that all foreign models are wrong, but some are always useful. Vape also originated overseas. In fact, the penetration rate of Vape in the United States reached 31%, and the traditional tobacco company Marlboro took a stake in a new Vape company to expand its business scale and make rapid profits. The per capita annual bonus was US$1.35 million. Compared with the United States, China has a larger tobacco market. In addition, the demand for tobacco control continues to rise. Vape is logically very marketable. The assessments of the number of smokers and the frequency of repurchase are quite optimistic. Based on this, capital quickly flooded into the market, including the joining of large consortia such as Sequoia Capital.

In addition, China produces 80% of the world’s Vape and has a very mature industrial chain. After obtaining capital, entrepreneurs can easily get the “spot”. Some contract manufacturers can even provide “turnkey” solutions, which means, It is very easy to create a Adv Vape mod brand, it only needs 5 million to get it when the most popular.

Around 2019, takeaway group buying has already shown a stable oligarchic trend, and shared bicycles are also a cemetery. The smartphone industry is sluggish, making Chinese capital nowhere to go. Therefore, at this time, Vape turned out to become a popular outlet in a short time, which is reasonable. Capital can make any industry grow wildly.

It’s dying, why didn’t Vape become popular?

In all fairness, China is a pretty good entrepreneurial environment for the Vape industry, and they have indeed experienced an exciting growth period. According to incomplete statistics, the peak period of Vape brands reached 1,800, but unfortunately, these brands went bankrupt in only half a year. As mentioned above, what’s worse than takeaways and bicycles is that the Vape industry may even have one or two. The giants can’t stay, and the overall feeling is that the industry is dying.

The biggest characteristic of barbaric growth is that it develops very fast, but it is just a false fire. Not only will the business situation appear chaotic, but even the product quality standards are not clear, and supervision is very easy to lose control.

As mentioned earlier, it only takes 5 million to create a Vape brand, which is staggeringly low. Generally speaking, good brands represent good quality. For example, brands such as Zhonghua, Furongwang, and Marlboro have been refined through long-term operations, representing high-quality and high-end, but the emerging Vape brand has never experienced Strict review. Secondly, the relevant departments also do not allow Vape to advertise in mainstream media. Although it is also called a brand, it is really indistinguishable from the tobacco tycoon’s brand. With such a cheap brand, Vape operators will naturally not put quality first. In fact, the reason why Vape is placed in high hopes is that it is under the banner of “healthy”. Compared with the ashes brought by tobacco, Vape feels relatively “clean”, and second-hand smoke is not so irritating. Annoying, but due to the uneven quality level, some Vape liquids will produce new harmful chemicals, which are more harmful than tobacco. In addition, entrepreneurs have the mentality of “making quick money” and use unscrupulous marketing. The exquisite packaging attracts A large number of teenagers and ladies joined the ranks of smokers. Such a situation directly loses one’s own advantages, and it is only reasonable to go bankrupt quickly.

Why didn’t Vape replace tobacco? Whether it is Vape or a traditional cigarette company, the author believes that it should go bankrupt as soon as possible. Although there will be some losses in national taxation, it is of great significance to overall health. Moreover, cigarettes are not needed in human life. Smokers can recall that when they smoked their first cigarette, they must have been painful and dry, and they had to endure the pressure to learn. While smoking seems to relieve stress, it is actually just an illusion. Instead of enjoying the smoke of smokers, we should enjoy ourselves as “non-smokers.”

Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Review

Uwell Caliburn vape pod system starter kit consists of a 520mAh battery and a 2ml pod, supporting long and stable vaping performance. 2 kinds of activataion mechnism and rigorous security settings make the Uwell Caliburn vape pod system starter kit easy and reassuring to use. 6-color options vary from your preference. An ideal device for beginners.

Main Features:
1. Built-in 380mAh battery, support re-charging via a micro USB port
2. Multiple protections, guarantee the safety and stability of the vaping
3. 3-color LED indicator, inform you of the real-time battery life
4. 2ml pod with a top filling design, beneficial to develop a proper vaping habit
5. Draw-activated mechnism and button design available, handy to use
6. Magnetic connection, easy to plug in and pull out

Brand: Uwell
Model: Caliburn
Material: Aluminum alloy + PP + PC + ABS
Battery Capacity: 520mAh
Maximum Wattage: 11W
Juice Capacity: 2ml
Charging: Micro USB port
Connection: Magnetic
Product Size: 2.12 x 1.16 x 11cm
Package Size: 5 x 3 x 13cm
Product Weight: 0.03kg
Package Weight: 0.11kg

Package Contents:
1 x Caliburn Battery, 1 x Caliburn Pod Cartridge, 1 x Micro USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit for sale
Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit six colors available
Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit Illustration
specification for Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit
directly vape without buttons
Direct Vaoe Mechanism Fault Diagnosis Function
5Clicks to Lock/Unlock, safe for children
top-fill cartridges, easy to use
magnetic connection
the perfect device for beginners
your perfect abcde salt device
long battry life with 520mAh battery
LED indicator
Uwell Caliburn Vape Pod System Starter Kit 520mAh 2ml servers
compact and portable

Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank

As we known, Crown series always the star of Uwell. Now Uwell is introducing a new member of Crown family- Crown 4 / IV tank. Crown 4 tank comes with a stainless steel construction, which makes it durable and gorgeous. The tank adopts a bubble pyrex glass tube to hold 6ml large capacity of e-juice. With advanced patented self-cleaning technology, the tank can absorb the e-juice in the condensation holder through regular usage and vaporize it. Crown 4 tank utilizes Dual SS904L coil and Double helix mesh coil to achieve heating evenly and produce excellent flavor. The SS904L is more wearproof than SS316L and has better corrosion resistance. The tank features top filling design and bottom adjustable airflow system, you could enjoy easier filling method and smooth airflow.

Main Features:
1. Innovative patented self-cleaning techonlogy, no leakage
2. SS & Pyrex Glass construction, durable and gorgeous
3. Compatible with Dual SS904L coil and Double helix mesh coil
4. Dual SS904L coil brings better corrosion resistance
5. Mesh coil heats evenly, produce excellent flavor
6. Top filling design, easier to refilling
7. Adjustable bottom airflow system

1 x Crown IV Tank
1 x Extra glass
1 x 0.4ohm coil(pre-installed)
1 x 0.2ohm coil
1 x pack of replacement O-rings
1 x User manual
1 x Drip tip cover

Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank - 6ml5ml
6 colors of Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank - 6ml5ml
Components of Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank - 6ml5ml
Specifition of Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank - 6ml5ml
Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank - 6ml5ml
Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank - 6ml5ml
Uwell Crown 4 IV Tank - 6ml5ml

Exseed Dabcool W2 Kit Review

Dabcool W2 Kit is a electronic dabbing mechanism that comes with 1500mAh battery capacity. Featuring intelligent temperature control system, you can press to adjust temperature (450/500/600/680). There is a design to increase inhalation resistance and help the atomizer to heat up. Designed with 4 gears, it can support cut tobacco, e-liquid and tobacco paste.

Main Features:
1. Intelligent temperature control system
2. Metal and rubber body
3. 1500mAh large battery capacity
4. Supports cut tobacco, e-liquid and tobacco paste
5. Press to adjust temperature

Brand: Exseed
Product Name: Dabcool W2 Kit
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Size: 194*82*53mm
Output Temperature: 450沈/500沈/600沈/680沈
Suface Material: Metal

Package Contents:?
1* Alcohol Pad
1* Micro-USB Super Charger
1* Dab Tool
1* Glass Attachment
1* Atomizer
1* Base
1* Silicone Container
1* Carb Cap
2* Extra Bowl

Eleaf iStick Pico Review

Eleaf iStick Pico 21700 TC Box Mod houses single 21700 battery, empowers you to experience a smooth vaping with strong power up to 100W and long standby time benefited from the capacity of 4000mAh as soon as you pick up it. Taking personalized preference in consideration, it is rich in 3 tyles of working modes, flexible in adjusting the power, voltage and temperature in a wide range, bound to be your new favoriate. 6 colors optional.

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Main Features:
1. Integrated single 21700 battery with capacity of 4000mAh, available for lasting endurance
2. 3 working modes switchable, allow you to redefine the wattage, voltage and temperature according to your preference
3. Numerous protections, guarantee the safety and stability of your vaping
4. Equipped with a 0.91inch OLED screen, detailedly show you the operating data
5. Micro USB cable included, responsible for re-charging the device and upgrading the firmware


Brand: Eleaf
Model: iStick Pico
Battery: Built-in 4000mAh ( 1 x 21700 )
Output mode: VW / Bypass / TC ( Ni / Ti / SS / TCR )
Output Wattage: 1 – 100W
Output Voltage: 0.5 – 9V
Resistance Range: 0.05 – 1.5ohm ( TC mode ), 0.1 – 3.5ohm ( VW / Bypass mode)
Charging: Micro USB port
Maximum Charging Current: 2A
Screen: 0.91inch OLED display
Thread: 510
Product Size: 5.1 x 2.6 x 7.7cm
Package Size: 11 x 8 x 6cm
Product Weight: 0.165kg
Package Weight: 0.21kg

Package Contents:

1 x iStick Pico 21700, 1 x AVB 21700 Battery, 1 x QC USB Cable, 1 x User Manual

Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Review

There are 15 flavors of Relx replacement pre-filled pod applicable to Relx vape pod close system Starter Kit, including fruit, tea, dessert, tobacco and so on, more choices, more refreshing experiences. You would obtain a pure taste that benefited from the ceramic coil inside.3 pieces in a pack.

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Relx Vape Pod Close System Kit

Main Features:
1. 15 flavors optional, including fruit, tea, dessert, and tobacco, refresh your taste from time to time
2. Ceramic coil, effective to resist dry heating and capture a pure taste
3. 650 puffs available from per cartridge, affordable for a well-content vaping experience

Brand: Relx
Puffs Available on Full Charge: 250
E-juice Capacity: 2ml
Pod Longevity: 650 puffs
Coil Type: Ceramic
15 Flavors: Tangy purple, mellow yellow, fruit tea, fresh cucumber, mint, fresh red, pink zest, green tea, blue burst, classic tobacco, tropical fruit, fruit, lemon tea, mung bean, white freeze
Product Size: 4.1 x 2 x 1cm
Package Size: 6 x 8 x 2 cm
Product Weight: 0.01kg
Package Weight: 0.05kg

Package Contents:
3 x Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Cartridge

Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition 15 Flavors & Package Includes
Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition Classic Flavor & Asian Classic Flavor
Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition Flavor Fresh Flavor & Tea
Relx Replacement Pre-filled Pod Chinese Edition Ingredients

Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen Review

Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit is efficient to feast your strong passion for vaping with longer endurance and super-sufficient liquid thanks to the configuration of 3000mAh battery and 6.5ml tank. There is a wide voltage range, allowing you to fix it in a specific one closer to your taste preference. The top cap is armed with a childproof lock, effective to prevent the cap from opening and liquid from leaking in the absence of operation, so as to enhance the portability and safety while taking out. 2 kinds of juice capacity and 5 colors optional.

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Eleaf Ello Duro Tank More Info

Main Features:
1. Pre-built 3000mAh battery, guarantee a lasting and powerful vaping
2. Numerous protections, escort a safe and stable vaping
3. Adjustable working voltage, easier to customize your vaping
4. 3 colors of the LED indicator, inform you of the real-time battery life
5. Childproof design on the top cap, better keep thuwikc from leaking
6. Max 6.5ml pod with a top filling system, allow you to immerse into a vaping without worrying about lacking liquid

Brand: Eleaf
Model: iJust 3 Pro
Battery: Built-in 3000mAh
Output: 30 – 75W
Charging: Type-c
Capacity: 6.5ml / 2ml
Coil Type: Mesh
Coil Resistance: HW-T2 0.2ohm, HW-M 0.15ohm
Thread: 510
Product Size: 2.5 x 2.5 x 14.85cm
Package Size: 12 x 8 x 5cm
Product Weight: 0.157kg
Package Weight: 0.2kg

Package Contents:
1 x iJust 3 Pro Battery, 1 x Ello Duro Tank, 1 x HW-T2 0.2ohm Coil, 1 x HW-W 0.15ohm Coil, 1 x Bag of Spare Part, 1 x USB Type-C Cable, 2 x Manual, 1 x Warranty Card

Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh Power Control Button
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh USB Charging
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh HW Coils With Mesh Inside
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh Refilling System
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh Childproof Mechanism Available
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh Battery Indicator
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh Overview
Eleaf iJust 3 Pro Vape Pen VW Starter Kit with Ello Duro Tank 3000mAh Multiple Protections