Review of uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pod amulet Crown 4 uwell

Well vapeciga Caliburn KOKO secondary reservoir tank ohms is the latest in a long Well manufacturers best known.

They have a long history behind the popular personal tank at the back of the initial deposit crown in 2015. Never a private fan ring 3 and two large tanks for the time nunchaku nunchaku and remains one of the best vaping tank DTL less of 50 watts, while the three rings were defeated by another tank. The oil market is dominated watt high subohm today by type alpha FREEMAX horizontech geekvape and eagles, so we’ll see if we can accumulate. It is available in six colors black, green, silver, blue, purple and iridescent (CRA). point for the standard price in ohms tank sprayer element is sold for $ 29.95.

Manufacturer Specifications:
28 mm diameter glass bubble
base diameter 25.7mm
5 ml glass standard
tanks 6 ml glass bubbles
stainless steel construction on
strengthening pyrex
quarter turn wireless charging Top Systems
Crown line 4 Coil well
Double coil SS904L 0.2ohm – rated for 70-80W
Double coil SS904L 0.4ohm – rated for 60-70W
0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 Coil – rated for 60-70W
SS904L dual coil – Corrosion Resistance
dual coil threads propeller
Automatic Cleaning Technology
optimization of the base system pro-Sabor
Under adjustable knurled ring double air flow control
Gilding 510 Log
removable structure
Available in black, blue, green, rainbow, purple, stainless steel
Included in the box:
1 Property Crown IV (4) of the reservoir
1 Replacement Glass tube
1 double SS904L coil 0.4ohm – rated for 60-70W
dual coil 1.0.2ohm SS904L – rated for 70-80W
1 packet of O-rings
User Guide 1
Tip 1 drop down cover
Featured coil (coil Kanthal unless otherwise indicated)
Double coil SS904L 0.2ohm – rated for 70-80W
Double coil SS904L 0.4ohm – rated for 60-70W
0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 Coil – rated for 60-70W

Appearance and Design

Well show new nunchaku Tank is a pretty standard looking ohms secondary tank.

It is 25.7mm in diameter at the base and 28 mm at its widest point if a bubble tank is used. Capacity glass comes with a glass bubble and right 6ml 5 ml capacity. It is out of it, is a standard metal tank, looking black delrin ends 510 of the corresponding color to the small metal ring at the bottom. This type of deposit is now very popular for the day no one really stands out about this. Are available in 6 different colors is so good and the money was pretty good with a glossy finish. I feel very good in general, but frequent enough to see the tank.

Features and functions
and ring 4 ohm secondary tank using standard tip 510 drops that can use your account only way to eliminate any adapter 810,510. Council leakage should not be an O-ring as the friction adjustment does not work so be sure to choose the 510 has its own ring seal if you want to replace. You can also use 3 thin crown advice. Delrin is fed with black metal ring attached to the bottom. beautiful appearance and a little talent, but different from normal resin, we see today that some may like the simplicity and resin. All subjects in this excellent tank. This is a very good reservoir built with good quality. coil system is a coil system pop style as the third ring to slide over the base. Only in his dressing room. It must be almost half empty tank in the heat exchange coil. The airflow is 3 equally spaced large holes in the bottom. That’s a lot of air, easily done in DTL vaping. AFC is smooth and easy to adjust even the blessing of good mod into pieces and was on top. Fill quite easily, so good filling hole size 4 and easy to fill with all kinds of bottles and can be poured into a glass bottle if you pay attention. The top of the stuffing with about 90 degrees to blow a great style, but with a crown of 4 onwards and be part of a very slippery even think of punches to cover part very difficult to manage and enter the tomb. This is due to the increased coverage and time to add some texture striated to make it easier to understand. It has a tank capacity 5ml type and capacity of the tank bubble 6 ml.

performance of the coil
Now for the important stuff. How vaporizer? It was supposed to be 4 options coils around, I signed 3 as one of the four, who were listed as SS304 mesh coil seems to be so sure that this is something that in the future or something that they would then not . “Anyway, I will focus on 3 options available, dual coil 0.2ohm SS904L. – Nominal 70-80W, Ganda 0.4ohm coil SS904L – rated for 60-70W and 0.23ohm FeCrAl UN2 coil. – Qualified for 60- 70W has only two coils choice however is 2 SS904 mesh coils and coil selection., Because the mesh popular these days and is better ohms (unrepairable lol) subtank purchased a packet network. reel to also try the other coil SS904 that can be used in the TC mode assuming you have a mod that’s good for her (note: not all Uwell Crown Pod click in with control works very well temperature) did a post on its use in TC mode here, but the short answer is a TCR specific value should be mod 85. started with 0.4 ohm coil SS904

deent only good for the taste and the best in the 70-75 watt range so that it ranks well in the coil and a little underestimated because we are usually okay, but I prefer a lot of big companies in their rolls. life is good enough, I met with 90 ml before his death. This is a bonus can be used on CT, but outdated who want to use a tank coil TC prefab much better there. Then the mesh coil i purchased separately. I found the best around 70-75 watts of another coil so that once again a bit underrated, but good overall score. the taste is very good for 70 watts Coil nets. Very similar, but not as good as the network fireluke vape coils 60-65 watts so the same range. This is an advantage if the tank has a capacity of 6 ml 2 ml capacity and not as a network fireluke thus less filling. Wise to live over again, I’m very 90mls consistency on the reel. In general, a very good player with a network coil vape 70 watts, and a viable option for TC with coil without mesh.

manufacturing quality
fill big holes
no leak
The choice of colors (6 gVirt_NP_NN_NNPS )
Delrin 510 standard tip
AFC easily customizable mod
quality yarn
good capacity of 6 ml
Bubble deposit account
3 choices coil (2 can be used in TC mode)
easy to disassemble
taste very good mesh coil shape
both winding of the life of the two coils
Coil not mesh so purely for taste
the top cover is difficult to slack off because of lack of adhesion
So, with all that said, I recommend this deposit or not?

 I’m not drive or do not like, but I’m leaning toward him for it. This is not the best tank, but at 70 watts, which is a very good option that is well constructed, easy to find coils (Well and supports their tanks with coils for long), and very good fried with network and TC coil if the difficult choice to complain and I think one of the few that are worth buying around this watt range and tanks and reservoirs Caliburn Pods get code hawk. I’ll add to my Recs sheet link below.

Evdilo knowledge and mod work with two batteries and this model works 5W – 200W. mod good quality construction, everything seems to be correct. In the Ministry of Defense, you can look back “well” and in front of the mod, you can see “Evdilo”. This mod supports two 21,700 batteries were excellent in my opinion. Because this model is powered by two batteries 21,700 devices a very good size, the dimensions of this device is 47.4mm x 32.5mm x 83.7mm. I can say this was the most comfortable of all the comforts 21700 double mods I’ve tried so far, the Ministry of Defense is very convenient to use.

From the top you can see the mod connection is placed in the center, a thread here was good and I had no problems, spring pin 510. The connection here rises slightly browned very good in my opinion, because the mod it will not be removed from atomizers. This mod can use atomizers 30 mm without a very good pretender.

Vapeciga uwell amulet of the back, you can see the battery cover on the bottom of the mod, you can see the part that locks the battery cover.

The battery cover has little play, you can move with your finger and a little, it could be a problem for someone. I can say that can replace the battery here is very easy, you can easily remove the battery cover, you can recover very easily. If the battery cover is removed, you can see how the batteries marked inside. As I said this mod is compatible with 21700 battery that was really great in my opinion. In the package you will receive a 18650 battery adapter so you can use the battery 18650 if you want, I use it here because I like batteries battery 21,700 21,700.

On the front of the mod, you can see the shutter button, the screen, the buttons and less than one USB port. the shutter button is highlighted and dislocation so far it works great. Since the shutter button on the front mod comfortable to use. Each time the buttons are not as good in my opinion. We do not fool USB c here for someone. We do not have a color screen, but the screen is very good, the screen brightness is good and you can see all that is good on the screen.

You can turn the camera when the shutter button is pressed 5 times. When the unit starts in power mode on the screen, you can see:

  • Power
  • W
  • V
  • Resistance
  • time
  • The battery indicator

To change the mode of work, you need to click 3 times on the shutter button and you can choose between supply and TCR mode. You can lock the device when you click the button and throw away less and you can lock or plus and minus buttons when you click the button and the shutter button.

My spirit:

Well so vapeciga Crown 4 uwell are very good in my opinion, the design is very good.

Since this mod is compatible with battery 21,700, I can say that this mod is very convenient to use, more comfortable with the battery mod 21,700 in my opinion. In this mod, you can use up to 30 mm in diameter were excellent atomizers. I like the connection is rather high, and because of the fire button mod rock and keys will not scratch most and least well, so far no problem. We have all kinds of USB c here that could be a problem for someone. This screen is very nice and you can see everything that is good on the screen. The battery cover is good but there is a small game that can be a problem for someone. This mod is compatible with 21,700, 20,700 and 18,650 batteries are really good in my opinion. I like to use 21700 batteries here. mod is not very good, so far no problem. If you like double mods 21,700 Of course, I recommend a model because it is really one of the best mods 21,700 in my opinion, works very well and it was used really comfortable.

These fried Anthony kept honest, I hope you can say the same thing and I’ll give my next review.

product warning
This product was sent to me Elementvape

critical warning
Due to differences in the quality control can vary your experience.

warning notices
I criticized since the end of 2016, freezer and killed nearly 300 user comments. I love helping VAPERS forum and contribute to help the large spray. I am not critical “box”. I do my best to be open all the time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All changes to the test with an oscilloscope and a test strain and the results are presented in my comments.

You can buy here: uwell

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