Review of vaporesso tank gen 220w swag kits pm80 gtx renova zero luxe

swag kits that blows over her weight. It also updates cotton fabric, how Vape? Let’s find out.

These products were shipped to Vapresso generosity so to stand the test side. other thoughts you find below are my own and are not affected by the fact that this talent.

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XTRA Vaporesso pod kit with an increase in cotton and curves in all the right places. But even if it is small enough, it will remain that will surprise many users. However, although small, powerful, how Vaporesso Spray XTRA? Deepens this test and more information.

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Available in silver resin, resin silver, rainbow, gray resin, rainbow.
A point of the note, while the choice of colors for Vaporesso XTRA said resin, non-resin panels. In addition, the form of nylon resin like a vinyl film with a pattern.

The contents of the box
Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to see Vaporesso pod Xtra comes with the kit. Moreover, as the 2ml pods of all, the only difference between the standard version and TPD is usual caveats of anticipation package.

XTRA filling Vaporesso
Apparatus XTRA Vaporesso 1x
1x Unipod 0.8Ω Maille
1x 1.2Ω Unipod
1x USB cable
1x user manual

vaporesso gen 220w packaging is a simple but catchy, with the dye colors rather as XTRA closed.

Moreover, besides the logo facing up, the front of the box is covered by the larger capsule exhaust box Vaporesso XTRA. Also on the side, is a major icon XTRA kit has some other logos and Vaporesso data. While the bottom of the list of specifications, the contents of the box, Auditor of authenticity, and the usual warnings and compliance with government logo.

Removing the lid, engages Vaporesso XTRA 0.8Ω Pod is installed in a plastic insert. In addition, remove the overlay plate and a piece of cardboard to reveal the remaining contents. 1.2Ω replace Unipod, braided USB cable, user manual and warranty card. Moreover, it is a reminder card detailing the differences between the two pods are included for easy recognition. It is good to see.

manufacturing quality

XTRA sheath flow system was probably linked Vaporesso. XTRA built housing can also zinc alloy is most of all metals. While the base is plastic and houses the on / off button, Vaporesso XTRA is very sturdy in the hand.

And with curves and ergonomic lines they are perfect to put the thumb on the threaded cavity which XTRA is very convenient to use in vaping. Also, it was nice to see a side-mounted USB port with the energy level of the LED placed on top.

Furthermore Vaporesso XTRA partially covered with adhesive tape on the nylon wire possibility, similar to those found in the target Vaporesso PM80.

As for his own good as pods. In addition, it also prints with crisp, clean edges, detail. On the other hand pods, which are easily distinguished by good light-colored sculpture and grouting hole in the use of the load. 0.8Ω and 1.2Ω red raincoat gray monopod Unipod described.

However, a good idea is the tip of a drip drop integrated and capacity of 2 ml, which allowed complete form and liquid. While this may not seem like much, however, it allows users to check the fluid level simply by turning the contrary mail Vaporesso XTRA. Moreover, it is very simple and very practical. Especially after treating a pod system where you have to remove the entire pod, just to see if you have enough e-liquid left.


Although not the smallest in the pod kit market, target pm80 pod still small and compact unit.

Furthermore, the basic dimensions to the top of the funnel, Vaporesso XTRA is 73.9 mm in height, has a depth of 38.2mm from front to back. In addition, because XTRA design, the beach is a narrow width of 13.5 mm to 16.7 mm at its widest part.

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For like most of the sheath of the type of system, Vaporesso XTRA does not offer the functionality of the user, rather than offering no method rolls are very easy to vaping. However lit XTRA is customary five hidden button click on the database. While the initial status LEDs above the USB port on a cycle of red, blue and green.

Furthermore Vaporesso XTRA using automatic combustion system, which activates after inhalation and vaping through the container.

battery usage

Although housing 900 mAh battery, battery XTRA Vaporesso economy is quite impressive for its size. In addition, the refill lasts about two 0.8Ω Unipod before needing to be recharged.

Depending 5V 1A via USB attached may seem slow side. But it is perfect not only for the 900 mAh battery, but also long-term life of the battery. In addition, LEDs above the USB ports indicate the level of charge. Where green indicates that the battery is between 100-71%, 70% -31% of blue, red 30% or less.


As mentioned above, you can find out if you need to recharge vaporesso gtx .

Is it as simple as turning XTRA back and look at the level of the liquid through a funnel. In addition, filling a monopod pleasant and easy, simply pull back and silicone grommets load. But as the size of the fill hole was a good size, more surprising nibbed bottles will be no problem.

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Replacement sheath

The replacement of the sheath is that simple to Vaporesso XTRA. He first began to attract the sheath old, pour the e-liquid into the new charging station through the hole and let stand 10-15 minutes. It also offers a pod time fast enough, with about half the pod cast and podcast versions quarter.

Maille 0.8Ω Unipod

No doubt 0.8Ω networks Unipod hit surprisingly hard Pod 16W. Therefore, I think it could 20mg salt spray and throat hit Nic liked most. However, neither a sense of this mess. Although the use of taste of tea is 50 pg peach skin a good salivating. In addition to cereals produced dizziness they are also good with a tone well. Pod is also capable of handling 70VG draw with 5 seconds without any problems. But despite the good vaporizer, lemon meringue 70VG not all in the taste. But it was not surprising to see its capsule 16W, 40W and usually more vape.

As for the airflow in renova zero vape with the coupling of the 0.8Ω Unipod, hoping to find a TLD soft but somewhat limited vaporizer.

1.2Ω Unipod

producing good flavor 1.2Ω 11W Unipod, but not all in the same version as the mesh. However, the fruit is good, shooting 20 mg salt throat Nic. In addition to those who prefer tight little spray and 1.2Ω Unipod provide better service.

Chipset and Protection
While the chipset used in the XTRA Vaporesso they have not been recorded. However, it offers users and devices for the following levels of protection.

In addition, the protection and warnings are indicated by the number of times the red LED flashes. But some protection can give the same warning, which was a little disappointing from the standpoint of clarity.

LED Indication Protection
low voltage protection. 3 Blinking Red
No load protection. 5 Blinking Red
8s overtime protection. Also 3 Flashing Red
short circuit protection. Also 5 Flashing Red
A point to consider when there was no protection for USB reported. I’m sure anyway.

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XTRA Vaporesso Kit
dimensions widest point 16.7 mm (L) x 38.2mm (D) x 73.9mm (T)
Scope individual output power pods, see the section of the sheath.
the output voltage 0.5 to 4.1 V (not selected)
the battery type, and the internal quantity of 900 mAh
unspecified equipment – camera – zinc alloy and handholds – PCTG?
Resistance Range UNIPOD1.2Ω, Molten Unipod 0.8Ω

Undoubtedly, it is rare for Vape devices poses no problem, if there is a fundamental finding with vaporesso luxe 220w on / off button, it can sometimes feel a little uncomfortable because of their size. Moreover, while a little more traction 1.2Ω Unipod tight.

However, there will be people who want tight VAPE MTL, and it boils down to personal preference. Although it was nice to take the control of air flow on the side of the XTRA.


Probably a number of pods vaporizer available in the market, it is rare pod kit really stand out from the crowd. However Vaporesso XTRA stand out in ways that are not apparent from reading articles or viewing photos. In addition, the design of the entire XTRA. Due to ergonomics, the feeling in the hand, ease of use, a sense of 0.8Ω Unipod mesh without leakage. When tied together as Vaporesso XTRA, it has a charm true that can not be explained, but love to use. XTRA is a good addition pod pocket-sized kit, which is perfect for trips to the shops, or for times when you need the extra nicotine hit rare. So it is perfect for those in the process of quitting.

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