The Best Way to Use a Vaping Discount Policy

Vapeciga is a leading electronic distributor that provides quality electronic cigarette supplies. It sells top quality equipment for both new and experienced vapers. They offer top of the line digital liquid nicotine products. With a variety of starter kits to choose from, Vapeciga has something to meet the needs of any level of vaper. Their starter kits include top brands like Naked Rooster, Michelangelo Vapor Liquidizer, Fruit Gnome Vaporizers, RCA Joystick Mini Atomizer, Kandy vaporizer, Nirvana electronic cigarettes, Prince vaporizer, umsuji vaporizer, etc.


Vapeciga provides all the items of his other brands as well. He carries all kinds of RTAs like Vaping Belted, RTA Kit, RTA Mini, and more. He even carries top brands like CoolMouth and Dude Chips. Also carries some competitive prices on starter kits and advanced starter kits like the Vape +! Box, the Vape +! Glassotron, and the Vape capacitive plates.

In early August, we found that Vapeciga was offering refunds on any orders received before the end of this July Fourth weekend only! It was reported by our own tests that they had implemented the discounts and contests in that order period. While there were a few reports of customers getting their goods in a bad condition, the majority of customers were extremely pleased with what they got and we continue to recommend them to everyone who is looking for quality of liquids at competitive prices. Vapeciga also implemented new discount policies and offers in August, which were well received. All of the new discounts were well worth the new prices, and everyone who bought from Vapeciga received excellent customer support.

On September 3rd, we announced the addition of two new cities in China to the Vapor City Empire: Shanghai and Beijing. Both cities have become expanding hubs for vaporizers in China. Our Vapor Cubensis was recently approved for processing credit cards in Shanghai, and our China Cloud Vaporizer received approval for business days in Beijing. Both Vapor Cubensis and China Cloud Vaporizer are completely legal here in China, and we are also working hard to make sure that they’re widely available in the United States. The Vaporizer welcome packages were very well received in both cities.

There was a promotion over at Vapeciga’s website where if you ordered a single Vaporizer, you would receive freebies. The promotion was limited to just the Vaporizers, and the promotion was limited to one per customer. Customers had to be logged in at the time of checkout to qualify for the free Vaporizer. I tried my free vaporizer and was impressed with the performance and build quality of this item.

Then, around the start of November, we announced that we would be discontinuing our China only promotions. This was, in fact, the first we’d heard of this offer. We gave a brief explanation to our members as to why we would be discontinuing the promotion and explained how we were analyzing all our market demographics, including the Chinese market, and seeing declines in our cigarette sales from our Chinese customers. At this point we were selling more than twice the units we were taking in. We felt it was time to take a look at our pricing and discounts in the United States and discontinue our Chinese exclusive promotions. This, we believe, increased our customer base significantly.

Two months later, we held another cyber Monday on our website and announced that we would be discontinuing our China only promotions. Again, we had a lot of members requesting refunds. Many of them said that they’d never return to the site, because they either got scammed or didn’t get their product in time, either way we still made money. So, we decided to extend our Cyber Monday promotions to include the United States. We ended up selling more than twice as much as we did in China just a few months earlier.

At the end of November, we announced that we would again be offering free shipping on all orders, even if you did not request a free vaporizer. We made this announcement a little over two months ago. Right now, we are still seeing an increase in the number of orders we are taking, and the amount of refund requests that we’re answering. The bottom line is that we have made an incredible amount of money with our Chinese Vaping Discount Policies. Our next promotion will be bigger, and we’ll be expanding our product line into the United States as well!