This is uwell Caliburn KOKO nunchaku Pods amulet Crown 4 review

Caliburn KOKO containing iron fist his latest mod, combined with the crown 3 of their tanks.

Iron Fist is a double mod 18650 rated at 200 watts and modifiers battery first and second overall a first nunchaku Mod. Well known deposits, especially the crown of the popular and 3 of the crown is the series best tank and a tank top, which was launched in 2017 and still continues today. Sales kit about 57.99 Elementvape think tank cheap enough itself sells for around USD 20-25 nipple mod cost about $ 35 is available in 8 colors, each with a tank-type game, so I’m going to give an overview of each. All modifications are, black (3 types) black top and a black button that makes the adjustment of the black tank.

alligator tank gold black and black tip / drip
leather and black snake skin with the tip of a black and black colored drops tank / green
red and black tank and black alligator tip drops / red
green crocodile skin and rainbow drops and peaks tank black / green
orange peel and black pearls with black end and orange / drop tank
leather and beads lemon yellow color with a black tank and black / yellow ultimately fall
sapphire blue sapphire tank snake skin leather and blue and black / blue end of the droplet
snake skin black leather tank, purple, purple and advanced drip drip / purple
Manufacturer Specifications: Mod
-Amplificador high double 18650 – not included
Watt Output Range: 5-210W
The range of output voltage: 0.5-8.2V
The atomizer minimum obstacle: 0.05ohm
control range temperature: 200-600F
Ni200, titanium and stainless steel 316 Compatibility
setting the TCR
alloy construction high zinc
High quality textured leather inserts – crocodile, snakeskin, Pearl
contours ergonomic handle
Modern design – smooth curved contour
“Intuitively OLED screen 0,91
Fire button
cover with lid hinges battery
micro USB
510 access
Available in black, white, red, purple, sapphire blue, green, orange, lemon
Manufacturer Specifications: Tank
24.5 mm diameter tank
Juice of 5 ml capacity
stainless steel construction in
quartz glass reinforcement
coil design parallel Crown III
Plug-pull mechanism replacement
Parallel Coil SUS316 0.25ohm – rated for 80-90W
SUS316 0.5ohm coil in parallel – rated for 70-80W
A leak-proof screws Top-Fill Method
Regulation precision dual flow
Bore tip width drip – bright color combinations
510 access
Included in the box:
1 x Ironfist mod
CROWN Ⅲ 1 x sprayers
1 x Crystal Quartz Extras
coil 1 × 0.25Ω (installed)
1 × coil 0.4Ω
1 x replacement pack O-ring
Micro USB cable 1 ×
User Manual 1 x
Key 1 x Crown
1 tip cover dropwise × (to cover the tip decreases when not in use)

first impressions and features

nunchaku, I am very impressed with the size and shape and weight mod. It’s a bit more, but slightly shorter than a pole fo example and feels good in the hand.

very practical way Spray Therion lost or paranormal, but a little smaller. One thing that struck me when glorified repeatedly throughout this review is that it has an on / off switch. I wish more mods do. The last memory of the age of 120 nano Tesla more than a year. switch is on the bottom does not stick, but it is easy to turn on and off at any time. Overall pretty impressed from the beginning with this mod

Watt performance mode (graphs and spreadsheets into a photo album)
Now for some of the data. I ran the normal tests. I use a Sony battery test VTC5A. stress tests are carried out on 0.11, 0.14, 0.19 and 0.62 ohms. watt maximum points (200), 150, 100, 75, 50 and 25 was 0.12 ohms for maximum results at 195 watts and 42 amps. For the rest of the test is a bit on the low side of 2-5 watts to 75 or more, and 3-4 watts to 50 or less. Totally accurate in low resistance, such as when many combat mods to achieve maximum power from 0.15 to 206. The rest is pretty hit slightly higher in all areas, high power 2-6. 0.2 test for maximized to 203 watts. Again quite good, but a little on the high side. 3-7 150 watts or more, but less than 150 2-5 high power. To test 0.62 to the limit of 98 watts and 7784 volts. For the rest of your high power test 4-8. show without volt control circuit in this mod like most mods dual battery market is still very high 7784 to stimulate the circuit is not a mod. I think the highest I’ve ever met in person to try it.

Overall, I think the performance of the model is very good. In fact, there is no harm in surprise accumulation 0.11 ohms I could get 195 watts resistance.Once get 0.15 ohms or bites a bit like the fit and start a few watts can fall usually obtain maximum 206 watts, so I guess that must be accurately assessed at 200 watts, even slightly underestimated. Limit of 7.784 volts showed no amplification circuit. the list of their website to a maximum 8.2V volt has no control circuit closes properly and 7.784 to 0.6 ohm coils. I went with a high resistance can be built closer to 8.2 I think that’s a bit much, but not enough to complain. They do not limit the amps listed in this mod. more is 42 ohms to 0.11 coils, but it can be covered with a watt as well. I’ll probably get more, but 42 is already above average for models with dual 18650 battery, where the average is 40. The mod was not hot when he pointed out that more than 150 watts and handles very well.

an overview of the energy performance TLDR

the Uwell Crown Pod was very good mod. Most hit a few watts of 0.15 ohms top or more hits little lower coils with 0.12 ohms.

accurately evaluated for Watts (206), there is an amplification circuit, the upper limit of the amplifier means 42 Volt tested to 7784 so that no control circuit, but near 8.2V recorded. As impressive as you can get 195 watts or more from 0.11 to 0.2 ohm coils.

temperature performance monitoring
Using the thread-SS316 SS (no way to TCR, or adjustments. There Specification country, but the user does not speak and try all possible combinations of keys that comes to me and does not seem to be a way to do it) I tried 6 Construction . 1 only a single space, round, once, double spaced, two large luxury construction of a single coil, and two large double coil construction luxury. This mod uses “auto” watts and have a good game watt TC. It’s very basic, just set the TC mode, atomizer wear and hit the new lock the reel. To say that the performance is quite decent, but varies greatly from one building to another. Some very hot and precise construction of the feeling around the mark 460F while others require the use of 510F to achieve the same vaporizer (double coil). Getting started is a little inconsistent and distant normally slow. There is no way to get a quick ramp very well. dry protection hit a very good and nice and soft gas.It is hard to call, once the temperature of the fire works well without inconstancy and it was not good, but the lack of choice of the patient and vaporizer. This is a great step Caliburn Pods sure they are on the right track. Overall, I think it is worth. It is not something I recommend for TC, but I Vape well in it. The next mod hope to continue in the same direction and improve it.

Other usage notes
This model uses true on / off button at the bottom to turn on and off. I really like it. The menu system is simple, but does the job. There are not many options in this area, but no complaints. Use 3 Click to access the menu mode makes the flash mode low. Then it uses the up and down through the desired mode and press the fire to receive. This literally mod. Formed of a power mode, Ni, Ti, SS, and mech (cut). No TCR, there is no heat curve or watts or anything. As I said is a simple mod. Keep fire and negative reverse the screen and holding more or less locks the device (without adjustments or cooking) button would be better to set right where you can always fire because it has a stop. The iron fist and have a new option where when the battery is low and can not provide a set of Watts, decrease the power of what can be provided on the screen so you know what you are comparing get most mods only its lowest point. mod also adjust the maximum power. I wish all mods. Robbins also a great trip and I hope all the mods do. Mod is itself a solid construction without a rattle at all, and has a good weight. If you feel that is strong but not heavy. The battery door is below standard hook paranormal vaporizer no load. It closes easily without play on it, and it was easy to get in and out without damaging the battery case and take 2 18650.

paint looks good and not scratched, and do not use visible. I like the color on the green. This is not a strange lime green, we see a lot, but more than green grass. The skin is good too. CROCODILES I is a mixture of shiny flakes and stains them. It looks and feels good. Good indicator of dislocation key and good size. This is a smooth concave black rectangle. It works well and never hitch or anything much as it should. 510-pin gave me problems and each jet uses the great work perfectly. Mod handle 25 mm spray rinse. More projection. 0.96 inch screen is nice and bright good size and easy to see in black and white. Even the sun was visible. In addition to the brand itself is very nice mod and total weight does not score. There is a small logo at the top and Ironfist part though barely visible on the side that can be seen in the light and do not remove the full mod. Two amplifiers are load balanced well, but not recommended to charge their internal changes.

3 crown tank

This uwell amulet is equipped with three tanks crown. I will not talk much respect.

I reread it last year, but a large tank and the tank may be the best available in a kit version with models on the market today. Personally, I bought it two years ago. Recommend the use of a coil to 0.5 ohm 0.25 ohm personally, but for a number of large PWM mods 0.5 ohms. They also have about 0.4 ohm coils do not come when I review for a low power requirement. the coils do not operate in the TC so that it does not interfere because the feet Ni200 0.25 and 0.5 ohm coils SS them. They also released a new color for my review and purple sapphire blue. Tips quite impressive drops. 510 Tips to buy one of each color. This is a great reservoir of the best of 2017 and rest in 2018. Although I prefer a lot of tanks in 2018, which is much better than most of the reservoirs are generally in a kit so it is a case where the beta kit great idea

manufacturing quality
tons of color options to match the tank
Very comfortable ergonomic
good skin
performance power mode
Watt accurately assess
Ampere high limit
button I on / off
simple menu
The battery is easy to obtain, without damaging the packaging
Watt complete set
Close accurately assessed for Volt
including a very good deposit. One of the best tanks kit
a good screen size
mode temperature performance could be better but it was not so bad
the lack of choice (not TCR, no heat, no curve watt)

So with all that said, I recommend this kit or not? I want to do it or not, but for this, I had to lean pretty heavily against him. Although the model may not have all the fancy features a large color display and a great way watt good curve built MAKE unusual mod / off switch and comes with a very good tank. I think it is a much better choice in person than many other kits on the market when considering the well tank, and $ 58 in elementvape ring 3 and sold at $ 20-25 mod costs essentially about 30 -35 dollars a grand prize. No doubt add to the leaves.

It was to keep Anthony fried only honest, I hope you can say the same thing and I’ll catch the next revision.

Well clutch Ironfist 57.95 200W & Crown 3 Starter Kit | Vape Kit

rejection of products

This product was sent to me Crown 4 uwell

Disclaimer comments

Due to possible differences QC your experience may be different.

critical warning

I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 200 user comments. I like vapers help forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.

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