Vape liquid allows you to enjoy various flavors

There are many types of vape liquids, so many people may wonder which one to choose. Therefore, this time, I will introduce the types of liquids and the main points of how to choose them. Whether you are new to VAPE or you want to try other flavors, please refer to it.

What exactly is contained in vape liquid?

Recently, the number of VAPE lovers who like the steam of seasoning liquid is increasing, not because of quitting smoking, but because of flavor and fashion. This VAPE liquid mainly contains three ingredients: PG, VG and fragrance.

What is PG (propylene/glycol)?
PG (propylene/glycol) is a colorless and odorless alcohol, soluble in water, with the characteristics of dissolving flavors, essential oils, resins, etc. In VAPE, it is used as a solvent for mixing spices. Therefore, the more the PG content, the sharper the taste and taste that can be enjoyed. In addition, due to its low toxicity, it has almost no effect on the human body even if it is taken orally. Therefore, it is widely used as an intermediate material for resins, foods, medicines, cosmetics, etc, using its moisturizing, preservation, and emulsifying properties. ..

What is VG (vegetable glycerin)?
VG (vegetable glycerin) is a viscous alcohol, also known as vegetable glycerin. In e-cigarettes, it serves as the basis for liquids and as a basis for mixing other things. It is also a bit sweet and has a lot of mist. Regarding the inhalation of glycerin, it is currently under research, at least it has a high moisturizing effect, and is usually used in lotions and eye drops, so normal intake is much more harmful than PG. It is said that very few.

What is perfume?
Spices are substances that give liquids a taste. There are natural fragrances extracted from plants and animals, as well as synthetic fragrances made through chemical reactions. Brand liquids are mainly made of these three ingredients. It is called “electronic cigarette”, but unlike tobacco nicotine zero tar, zero tar is a happy point of view.

Main types of vape liquid

Although not clearly defined, liquids are roughly classified into five types. There is an example for each type, so please refer to the type of liquid you are using.

Fruit-based liquid
Fruit-based liquids that are popular with women have high reproducibility, and you can enjoy a taste similar to fruit juice or chewing gum. You will be able to feel the deliciousness of fresh fruits. In addition to berries (such as cherries, strawberries and blueberries) and citrus (such as grapefruit, lemon and orange), there are also liquids of green apples, melons and muscat grapes.

Dessert (desert) liquid
You can enjoy the richness and deliciousness of sweets through the sweets (desert) liquid. It is very popular with men and women, is easily mixed with other liquids, and can be used by connoisseurs to create their favorite flavors. Flavors range from soft cream (such as vanilla, chocolate and caramel) to cakes (such as apple pie and cheese cake).

Beverage (beverage) liquid
Using a liquid that reproduces the taste of a drink, you will feel as if you are drinking a drink. If you can bookmark a dish, you can have it at any time, or when you are tired of the usual taste, you can try it as a variant. Popular beverage nic liquids, such as latte and coffee, and liquids such as cola, red bull, pepper and various cocktails.

Cold (menthol) liquid
For those who want to refresh, a menthol-based liquid is recommended. If you are not satisfied with the freshness, you can combine it with a fruit-based liquid or berry-based product with a strong taste while enjoying the sweetness and freshness. Typical menthol-based liquids are peppermint and menthol.

Smoke liquid
It is recommended not only for target smokers to smoke, but also for those who do not want to smoke but want to taste the flavor of tobacco, and recommend the use of tobacco-based liquids that can reproduce the flavor of tobacco. Some flavors can replicate ordinary cigarettes and cigarettes of each brand.

How to choose VAPE liquid [3 basic principles]

Finally, I will introduce how to find the right naked liquid for you from various VAPE liquids.

It does not have to have the same brand as the VAPE body
In fact, it is not necessary to match the brand of VAPE valve body when buying liquid. The main ingredient used in all brand liquids is “VG/PG/Flavour”. If it is a refillable VAPE, you can fill the bottle with liquid and use it regardless of the manufacturer.

Choose according to the ratio of PG and VG
If you have purchased liquid, you may have seen the ratio of PG:30 to VG:70 on the liquid label. The ratio of PG to VG expressed in this number makes the taste and steam volume different. First, PG (propylene/glycol) is used to dissolve fragrance, so the higher the ratio of PG, the better the flavor. In addition, it will increase the irritation to the throat (a kicking sensation), so if the PG value is larger, those who are used to smoking will be more satisfied.

On the other hand, VG (vegetable glycerin) is used as a base for liquids and also has the effect of generating mist. Therefore, if you want to enjoy more steam, we recommend that you use steam with a high VG ratio. However, since VG initially contains sweet components, some sweetness will be mixed into the flavor, so please be careful.

One of the key points in choosing a menthol liquid is to choose a volume that matches the amount of vape you usually smoke. For example, buy large-volume liquids that you use frequently, and choose smaller liquids when trying. Even if you do not smoke often, those who emit a lot of smoke will quickly consume the liquid, so it is recommended that you buy a larger smoke.

With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes (VAPE), various liquids have been sold. If you are lost, it is a good idea to try it and try new flavors. The charm of vape is that you can enjoy various tastes.

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