Why Vape Smoke?

There is a lot of confusion about what vaporizer really is and what vaporizers are not. Many are under the impression that vaporizers do not do anything but add heat to make your beverages or food taste better. While this is true to an extent, it’s important to understand that vaporizers differ from smokes in many ways. While they can be used to create the same effect, the two are very different creatures. So, what are the main differences between vaporizers and smokes?

vape smoke

First of all, let’s start by defining what vaporizers are not. In short, vaporizers don’t add heat to beverages or food to create a smokey taste. They add a temperature lower than temperatures that normal food and beverages would reach during the burning stage of combustion. What this does is allow you to take your preferred beverages and food directly from the fridge to your mouth without having to worry about the lingering smoke or chemicals that often come with traditional smoking processes. In short, when you use a vaporizer, you are enjoying a delicious cup of cold juices or food straight out of the fridge while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of a healthy low temperature lower than temperatures that are reached during the actual burning process.

Now that we have defined what a vaporizer is not, we can see what it actually is. A vaporizer is a type of humidifier that is designed to produce a steady stream of vapour instead of a constant drip of air. Most vaporizers are very similar in design to an air freshener and are powered by a small electric power source. You place the humidifier or vaporizer in your home, turn on the power, and then begin to inhale the vapour which is made through a heating element. The vapour is created using a combination of propylene glycol (a chemical compound used in detergents, soaps, and industrial process additives) and water.

This is why vaporizers are better than cigarettes. When you smoke, you are taking in large amounts of harmful chemicals into your lungs and your body which are then absorbed into your blood stream and carried throughout your entire body. With a cigarette, the chemicals build up in your body slowly over time, often resulting in cancer as you continue to inhale them. While the risk of cancer is real, most people would be unable to actually detect it unless they were extremely close to the smoker.

With vapes, you get the benefits of a cigarette without all of the harmful substances that are present. Instead of inhaling a chemical composition that your body will quickly eliminate as it reaches the brain, you get a smooth, tasty, and refreshing solution which has been created through a heating element. With the amount of evidence available showing that smokers who have replaced their cigarettes with vapour have significantly less cravings and suffer from far fewer headaches, the use of vaporizers is an excellent alternative to cigarettes.

To make the most out of your vaporizer experience, be sure to keep it clean. Most devices come with a mouthpiece that allows you to fill your mouth completely with the vapor before blowing. To ensure that the device stays clean, never use water to wash it down; this will eliminate any excess particles, which can remain after the cleaning process has been completed. Also, while you are filling your pipe or pen, be sure to scrape the filter (which is located right on top) to remove any unwanted particles, as well as scrape away any burnt residue left on the previous holder. Finally, always ensure that you take your device from the warm, pre-heated position before turning it off. The heat generated by your heater will melt any fat remaining on the surface of the device, so be certain to allow your device to cool before turning it on and leaving it there for any length of time.

One of the most common reasons people turn to vapes is because they wish they could smell as good as they did when they smoked their daily tobacco. While this is entirely possible, it’s a much simpler task to complete than it used to be. When you smoke a cigarette, all that nasty tar gets into your lungs and gets stuck in your throat. It’s this nasty stuff that give your senses a bad taste and smell, and what you have to do to get rid of it is either go outside to smoke a cigarette, or purchase mints or gum to make it easier to breathe while you’re trying to quit. But, what if there was an electronic solution available that not only made your breath smell better while you were quitting, but also offered a number of other health benefits?

One of the best ways to get that electronic cigarette ‘munch’ is to take advantage of the vapour generation device that the VapeSmoke brand provides. By incorporating a very simple heating element into your personal vaporiser, you can create some truly impressive clouds of vapour which will fill your mouth with sweet tasting sweet sugary goodness. This means that every time you puff on a Vape Smoke cigarette you are actually enjoying a small helping of mentholated sweet air. And, best of all, this awesome fruit juice you are inhaling is completely natural and healthy! So not only will you be saving money on your monthly health insurance premiums, you will also be enjoying fruitier breath for longer, healthier living.