Choice Of E-Cigarette Type

Choice Of E-Cigarette Type

A. Types of e-cigarettes

1. One-time:

With no need to charge (and no charge, disposable), the entry-level products of various brands offer a variety of flavors, generally slightly less than those of rechargeable e-cigarettes.The price range of products in the market is mostly 29-49 yuan, mainly 39, 49 yuan, it is not recommended to try the cheaper ones, and as the market maturates, the cheap products will gradually fade out of the market.

In addition to the difference in taste and taste, another quantifiable index is the “number of mouthfuls”, that is, the storage volume of smoke oil, which can absorb 300-500 mouthfuls. Platt’s BLING disposable e-cigarettes are the leading 700, and the smoke oil is also imported.It is a fact that there is no way not to advertise.

2. Projectile change type:

The main product of almost all brands is also the trend of e-cigarette development. In addition to charging cables and other accessories, the relx e-cigarette itself is divided into two parts, the cigarette gun, and the cigarette cartridge. Charge well plug-in smoke bomb to be able to use, the taste is numerous, the manufacturer also is in the ceaseless push out the stale and bring forth the new. The benefits are convenience, economy, and improved taste and texture, more on that later.

3. Oil injection:

It is a higher-level playing method, which can be understood as the convenient modification of “Big Smoke” and the more traditional or original wotofo e-cigarette type.In addition to the cigarette gun and cartridge, you also need to buy smoke oil for perfusion, which cannot be easily changed to use.But it looks really handsome.

B. Usage scenarios

1. One-time:

It is the first time for users to try e-cigarettes. You can see the shelves of e-cigarettes in convenience stores, Internet cafes and other channels. Especially under the increasingly strict anti-smoking policy, you may try a disposable e-cigarette, which is very convenient to be taken out of the box, in order not to offend others.

Unfortunately, I still see a lot of disposable e-cigarettes of mediocre quality, which is a good way to discourage first-time e-cigarette users.Lead to the user will say, not used to, or cigarettes.And I would say, do not blame you, is really general, hope the market as soon as possible out of the clear.

For senior e-cigarette users like me, one is willing to try more products, and the other is to forget to bring e-cigarette to change, and now buy a disposable top.

2. Projectile change type:

After you decide to get into the airistech e-cigarette pit, you will definitely start to buy a convertible e-cigarette, because you can see it in many specialty stores, and it is also promoted by major brands and distributors.

Moderate price (about 300 yuan a set), convenient use, and numerous taste experience make the Changshu become the best choice for long-term use. It is very convenient to charge the battery and carry around one or two of your favorite flavors. And the taste and taste are relatively one-off, with a significant improvement. Generally in a brand, the price of a smoke bomb can top a one-time, can ponder over the difference that cost brings, this is a very real thing.

3. Oil injection:

When “Big smoke” emerged, it was basically an enthusiast level of players, and DIY smoke oil taste and even various accessories DIY e-cigarettes themselves were extremely rare.And the big Smoke is a well-deserved name, so much so that it can trigger a smoke extinguisher and puff out a cloud of smoke, lest it be regarded as a ninja shui Dun who is good at fog-hiding.Such a big smoke, more is also for the performance, mostly exists in the bar or the enthusiast party.

If you play in a public place with the plan of the people caused by the big smoke, I raise my hands in favor of calling the police, or the warm-hearted citizen of good samaritans will directly control you.

The good news is that many of today’s improved oiled ofrf e-cigarettes also do away with exaggerated atomization and focus more on the product design and the quality of the smoke.If you are a junior player, it is recommended not to try the oil injection directly at such a high cost. It is a bit troublesome. If you’re a veteran player, I’m sure you won’t appreciate my article either.

Finally, when it comes to DIY tobacco oil, I really don’t have the patience and technology. According to a friend of mine who is a senior e-cigarette dealer, I have tried it myself, and I suggest that I should honestly buy the finished products from big manufacturers.

C. Technical differences

In fact, when it comes to product technology, There are many details that I can expand on, such as the material of atomizing core, the position of pores, the structure of atomizer, etc. I write that I am not tired, but you are absolutely tired, and it is not your most concern.So in this chapter, I’m going to pick the points that are closest to the actual use of the user.

The battery capacity, atomization capacity, and the vapefly smoke oil itself are the main reasons for the one-time improvement of the bomb changing type.There is no need to charge at one time and throw it away after use, so the battery can be matched with the amount of smoke oil. In addition to battery life, atomization effect should also be considered for the recharging type, that is, the power should be large enough to promote atomization to achieve a more delicate and substantial atomization taste.

The difference between smoke and oil, to be honest, is nothing more direct than what you actually experience. No comparison, no “harm.”However, the causes of manufacturing cost and product positioning caused by oil injection have been improved in all aspects compared with the change type.It’s just that there’s not as much of a lift between the swap and the one-off.

In the following experience, I will mention that the more expensive products are more enjoyable to use, and there is a technical point involved, which is the efficiency with which nicotine gets into your body.The oil is then inhaled into the lungs through the electronic smoke, absorbed by the capillaries in the lungs, and finally carried into the body by the body’s blood supply system to achieve the feeling of withdrawal.

In addition to flavor modulation, the oil itself and atomization technologies, such as how to make nicotine salt particles smaller, reflect the difference between the product and the brand’s technical strength.

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