This is vaporesso coils gen swag target GTX One renova luxe s mod review

I received a sheath mod gen system for the purposes of this review.

Vaporesso color:

  • blue
  • Dark blue
  • Black
  • Dark red
  • Gold
  • Gray
  • Red
  • Pink


  • Dimensions: 84.2×26.5×13.4mm
  • POD Capacity: 2 ml
  • Resistance: 1.2ohm
  • Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Output Power: 11W

In the frame:

  • OSMALL battery
  • 1.2Ω Pod regular
  • USB Cable
  • User’s guide
  • Warranty card

The vaporesso swag sheath system is very small and it can also be said that the system is very lightweight sheath, the device dimensions are 84.2 x 26.5 x 13.4mm.

The device is made of plastic material and is lightweight. You can buy this device in 8 different colors were really good in my opinion. The design of this device is nice, you can see some details of the device, one side of the device can see “Vaporesso osmall”. This device has a very nice texture and comfortable to use. With this device in the table, a single cartridge is obtained, but the price is very low, which is an excellent device.

Let me start with the cartridge, so the device will receive a single cartridge. The cartridges are kept in place due to the magnet and fixed very well. Embudo is very pleasant to use, in my opinion, very comfortable. From the bottom of the cartridge, you can see the air flow hole and I can say that the air flow device is very good. On one side of the cartridge, you can see when you pull the plug, you can see the fill hole. Fill the hole is not small, and can fill the cartridge with a bottle of gorilla without any problems. the capacity of the cartridge was 2 ml capacity, which is good for armor system. This cartridge 1.2ohm coil and a vertical coil.

From the top of the camera, you can see the groove of the cartridge and here we have a magnet that holds the cartridge in place. On one side of the device that the light is directed when the brightness of white LED device charger when the battery is fully charged output. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port to charge the battery. This device has a built-in battery and battery capacity 350mAh. This device has been activated and you can pull the switch say it works very well, I had no problems. Osmall have constant work mode and 11W work they are very good in my opinion.

A protection device:

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Cost Protection
  • Protection against shocks
  • Protection of overtime
  • Low-voltage protection

How do these devices work and my thoughts:

Therefore, it is very compact vaporesso target pro and the device is made of plastic which makes the device very light.

I like the design of this device, which looks good to me and I really like the texture on the device because it is very nice in the hand. With this device, you receive a cartridge is a scam, but these devices are not expensive, very good, it was very affordable. Embudo very convenient to use, I can not complain about the funnel. the capacity of the higher capacity cartridge 2 mL single-dose system in my opinion. It is very easy to fill the cartridge with a bottle of gorillas, so you will not have problems. very nice place to stay for a magnetic cartridge and there is no possibility that the cartridge may fall. If you remove the cartridge and when you see the slot in the cartridge, you can see that everything here, it was very well done and condensation can not enter in a very good, so I have to say they did a very good job with the airflow stalls and almost non-condensation of the entire large devices. 350mAh battery capacity in a small capacity of some people, but it is possible to charge the battery faster, fresher not great considering the price of the device. For me, the most important in the pod system and all that if the airflow
vaporesso how mtl real device, so that the air flow device is tight and with this device you can have a real interesting mtl. The flavors here are really good, my favorite drink is great here, also turned in the production of the throat and steam was good, no complaints. pull switch is activated, it works very well and so far I have no problems, I also liked that the device has a constant work mode at 11W. So for this price there is no pod system is the best you can buy, even if we do not look at the price, I can say that the device is now doing more and better than most appliances more expensive, so I think it should definitely buy if as good mtl pod system.

GTX One Vape Mod available in 6 different colors.

You will receive this device in a pretty package with two cartridges in the well. build quality of the device is good, everything is as it should be. In the device, you can see “Vaporesso”. This device is low, the device dimensions 112 mm x 13 mm x 23 mm.

I’ll start with the cartridge in the package, you will receive two different cartridges and cartridge. On the upper side of the cartridge, you can see that you can remove the funnel, the funnel convenient to use. Under the funnel you can see the port and completely fill can easily fill the cartridge. From below you can see the holes in the magnet cartridge and air. Therefore, the cartridge remains in place because of the magnet and the magnet is good, the cartridge in its place which is always nice. 2 cartridge capacity is not ml capacity for armor systems. You will receive coil unit with a network where it is installed and receives network packets 1.2ohm cartridge.

From the renova zero pods of the camera you can see the slot in the cartridge and the inside can be seen the magnet that holds the cartridge in place, also can be seen in the connections and ports airflow.

On one side of the device you can see the trigger, not very clicky but it works very well. Therefore, this camera has a shutter button, you can press to spray and also has an attractive switch is nice because you can use both. shooter is activated, it works very well and is very sensitive. Here you can see the LED light trigger as battery indicator is illuminated in three colors:

  • Green: 70% to 100%
  • Blue: 30% -70%
  • Red: 0-30%

On the other side of the camera you can see the air flow control, so here you can adjust the air flow is very good. Here you can scroll left and right buttons to adjust the airflow. In my opinion, the air flow system of the device is very good and I really believe we can adjust the airflow here.
This device has a built-in battery with a capacity of 800 mAh high capacity of this unit. From the bottom of the camera, you can see the USB port c, which is very good, you will use this port to charge the battery. These 0.8ohm work coil device 16w and 11W 1.2ohm networks.

My spirit:

luxe s mod is a small sheath system and the device is easy to use.

You can buy these devices in 6 different colors are good. Good package, receive two cartridges inside. the device’s build quality is good, everything is as it should be if you ask me. The cartridges are held in place very well, he is a good transparent as seen in eLiquid. 2 ml capacity cartridges is good capacity for the small gondola system. Embudo comfortable to use and I like to make here, you can easily fill the cartridge, all you have to do is take the funnel here.
On one side of the device you can see the trigger can be used to spray and we have an interesting switch is on, which is good. This device has an integrated battery, the battery has a capacity of 800 mAh capacity for small pods. Moreover, we have here the USB Type C ports for charging the battery. This device has an adjustable air flow is very good, on one side you can see the button, you can swipe left or right to adjust the air flow. It can be very easy to adjust the air flow here. When the air flow is restricted dl open, you can make it interesting and when it stops, you can almost entirely on luck MTL out very tight. He was a very good camera with two reels of packaging, the taste is very good. I use 1.2ohm coil airflow is almost closed and very tasteful. I use 0.8ohm coil with an air flow to limit DTL fully open, the taste is also very good. I personally prefer the 1.2ohm coil because it is better for airflow MTL and tight in my opinion. In the flow of air near the 0.8ohm coil awaits a hot spray. Xros in my opinion is one of the systems is very good jacket, has everything you need and if you want to buy a pod system, must be taken into account.


  • Better than two peas included in a package for $ 2
  • 350mAh can be little capacity for some people, the price is still an impressive device


  • the conception of love I
  • Choice of colors
  • comfortable use
  • Nice texture, remain perfectly in the hand
  • Easy to use
  • a capacity of 2 ml
  • Welcome spokesman
  • easy to fill
  • Almost no condensation
  • I cartridge very good place to live
  • Draw a good switch
  • excellent taste
  • throat and steam two impacts
  • Continuous operation
  • It is very affordable
  • He made a great

vaporesso thanks

You can buy vaporesso coils here:

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