While vaping is all the hype among the youth these days, it is just as accessible and popular, if you may, among the elderly. And why not? Although tagged specifically with the younger age slot buying vape products & E-juices from different manufacturers including LongHorn Vapor or SCVapors.Vapefly Brunhilde MTL RTA 5ml Standard Edition is only a modified and controlled form of smoking and the elderly are already into it!

With health consciousness at hand, some things still need to be understood. The subject of vaping among the elderly has two main arguments originating in two major categories of people. One who has smoked or vaped for all their lives, and should they quit vaping altogether? The second category is the first-timers or the ones looking to start vaping, and should they go for it keeping in mind the health hazards that may appear?

Another issue is how legitimate is the assumption that vaping can cause health issues for older people. The phenomenon has not been around long enough for the senior citizens to have tried and more importantly grown habitual of it. So to find scientific data on the issue is next to impossible.

Why the Elderly Vape?

So in order to draw a basic outline of the possible reasons why older people would want to vape, let’s make some assumptions based on observations and human behavior. It is safe to assume that older adults turning to vape will be doing it owing to nicotine cravings. Another assumption is that the adults interested in vaping will most likely have experienced smoking, and thus a direct relationship between smoking cigarettes and vaping is established. This also supports the assumption that what drives them is the nicotine.

Conversely, a huge number of researches are available on adult people smoking statistic data. The record research shows astonishing numbers of older people that actually smoke cigarettes despite serious health concerns.

Data for older people doing vape

A research study published by Age UK stated percentages of smokers among the older population and those percentages were quite low-11% of 65-74 year old and only 5% of people above 75 were shown to be current smokers. This shows that roughly 16% of people above 65 years of age are daily smokers. However, it is not logical to imply the same number of people would be interested in transiting to vaping. Also, this study does not say anything about the health issues that may or may not be associated with it.

A simple internet study has shown that some 38.5% of the 67 respondents to a casual poll on vaping were using vape and were above the age of 65. This data, though not credible, can still provide a rough estimate and interesting insights into how many senior citizens are actually involved in Vapefly Jester Vape Pod System Meshed Edition 1000mAh 2ml or more intriguingly, are on the verge of getting into this habit, and digging further into it showed that the people primarily go for vaping to satisfy the nicotine addiction, and not because it is something “cool” or boastful.

While there are all the reasons and explanations why people choose smoking or vaping, the dangers that are associated with it can’t be ignored. Most of these dangers are centered around mental and physical health of the elder citizens.

The logical explanation lies in the fact that both cigarettes and vape juices contain nicotine which ultimately acts up causing health problems for the older people.

It is no surprise that nicotine has proven to cause quite a lot of health-related issues among people. Most of these issues are related to mental health, however physical health can also be affected. And this addiction to nicotine is what makes the elderly people opt for vaping in the later age in most cases. This is why it should be taken care of.

Vaping can aggravate certain health conditions that are usually prevalent in the older population. It has the tendency to react with certain pills and negatively affect the otherwise stable health conditions as well. So it is not safe for older people to vape while on medicines

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